Sex is an important part of marriage. On the flip side, if this married man is scared of his feelings for you, … Leave him!! He also is divorced with adult kids, but I cannot deny the connection, and although I told him I didnt want to see him at first, then we could only be friends, It is spiralling out of control and I did let him kiss me. I see him often in work and can't avoid him. But we have had much more contact via social media/text/etc. I’m only 31 years of age and consider to be a attractive man. He says he isnt interested. Now, two months ago it happened again during a weekend at the beach..this person leaves in the other side of the world, have a partner but he flirted with me, touched my hair, Looking all the time, talking…we had a simultaneous attraction, that’s for sure, but nothing more happened. I am questioning my marriage and obsessed with someone else! I never thought I’d be in this position. Consider the consequences of losing your husband and child’s trust in you in order to have this fling. When I have tried to talk to him he just ignores me and gives me the brush off, To be honest we never had anything in comment or had much conversation.. At one point I confessed to him that I wanted him (and he reinforced this by acknowledging his own desire for me) but I was clear that I could not/would not act on this because I do not wish to risk my blessed life with my husband/child. I realize that a large component of our connection has to do with the circumstances under which we met, but I also believe we are two people who simply have a very strong attraction to each other. He says he loves me and wants me to leave my partner. I am married to a good man. He spends hours and hours on the phone talking to his male friends. I just think neither of us wanted to be single, and we met on a dating site and that was all we had in common. The married woman will indicate that she is attracted to another person if, by having a conversation or exchanging a few words, she shows a side of her or aspect of her image that is totally different or unknown. I am scheduled to be married in a few months but my coworker is in love with me. I’m very distand from my husband of 27 years! I dream about looking at thin man face to see how he looks like. Go to couples counseling, admit you’ve been attracted to others, and work hard to rekindle your marriage. I can understand about asking him to stop the flirting, but it does sound like it is on both sides here. Watch Her Feet and Legs. Good luck and certainly keep me updated. A woman's feet and legs will … Help, I don’t know which way to turn!!(. However, as you can imagine, actual desire is at a low after a decade of marriage and so this attention has me reeling. Well..I found this relationship 4 years ago and even brought me to another country to live this love. Wow! Your contact with him is mostly online; you have no idea how he would be as a life partner or if he wants this. Wet shouldn’t marry him, because you won’t be happy, or regret it. I cant get him out of my mind but he is fine. I’m very shy to talk to men specially if they show any interés in me. I am married 14 years/3 kids and I fall for another man. “I desire another man” brought me here and I am glad to find such great content and I am open for discussion. I am glad I am not alone in the similar situation. Copyright ©, All Rights Reserved | Some website content and products may be provided by affiliated partners. How can I commit to marry my boyfriend with all those mixed sexual feelings!!! This can be explained by the spirit of competition inherent in all men. I can’t even get a damn text at work. Wow, amazed that I am not alone. While some men are just covetous, others try to escape continuous issues with their wives and they end up getting attracted to another woman especially if the woman is there for them at that particular time … I am trying to work this out with my husband, but this guy has brought out things in me that have been hidden away for years. I am consistently caught off guard by the depth of my feelings and attraction to this man, and the fact that I have gone so far as to communicate this to him is completely uncharacteristic of me. There is no actual reason why married men get attracted to other women. I found myself wanting to kiss him passionately. I have been fighting to keep this obsession at bay for over a year. We are lonely and need to feel appreciated and alive not just the mom and or the servant maid. Until I started texting back and forth with one of his friends (not close) just as friends when he needed one. It may be better, although more difficult initially, to take one of the more honest and ethical solutions presented above. I understand that your feelings are very intense, but you are correct in your estimation that this whole situation was exacerbated by the circumstances under which you met. After reading everything above I question something deeper: how to deal with our sexuality if at the same time, when I was a single woman, I wanted to badly to be in a relationship with someone I care about and treat me right. He seems like a savior, and you met him literally in that exact role, so you’re less able to see that he’s just a regular guy. when your no longer attracted to your spouse it’s pretty much over! But I can’t get my mind off my ex. Oh but I am so attracted to him so much. Those 2 are different… Are you in love with your coworker or just lust?? Well, I used to see this man out of the subway on my way to my job . Over time my gratitude and appreciation for him as a result of the way he responded to the tragedy has grown into intense emotional and physical desire. I even contemplated on leaving the relationship. Been married for 31 years and I love my husband!(. Example: Im like a she-wolf i could smell the male coming to mate…, get a toy…let him use it on you….something similar in size….make him feel apart of your satisfaction…, Is any nice cute gentlemen that i lust over but not for love or to be on lock down.. is just to get satisfied and move on… because with my husband sexually is not working for me… hes getting satisfied i treat him like royalty in bed.. but when it comes down to me… he got an F+… thats y lust over another… is a huge problem for me… please help….

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