2 comments. save. Already in 1933 it was the first company in the USA to offer wheat and soy based meat alternatives, a plant-based mission it has continued through the era … $6.39. #@ Where to buy Loma Linda Big Franks. I have no doubt that Portland being the food town that it is that somewhere, someone sells the Loma Linda Big Franks? LOMA LINDA BIG FRANKS - SINGLE 96 OZ Can. Availability: In stock. LOMA LINDA CHOPLETS - SINGLE 20 OZ Can. If you eat a vegan diet and want to have something on a bun at a picnic, I seriously hope there are better products out there than this. $5.49. Loma Linda - Vegan Big Franks - 1.25 lb. SKU: 84556100062. $18.69. LOMA LINDA BIG FRANKS - CASE of 6 (96 OZ) Cans. Dedicated to using only the finest ingredients, blended with the greatest of care, to bring you our pleasing Big Franks. share. (567g) Loma Linda Vegan Big Franks are packed with sustainable plant-based protein with the full-flavored taste of traditional hot dogs. Its current name, first adopted in 1933, comes from the town of Loma Linda, California where it got its start. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. More Info. Loma Linda Big Franks are the perfect vegan alternative to pork or beef hot dogs. 1.4375: Case Quantity: 12: Loma Linda Big Franks are firmly in the “You Don’t Have To” camp. Loma Linda Big Franks are a top pick for any crowd. Big Franks; More Views. SKU: 84556100062case. Where to buy Loma Linda Big Franks? Try them again but give them a fair trial this time. Buy a Multi-Pack & Save! LOMA LINDA LOW FAT BIG FRANKS - CASE of 12 (20 OZ) Cans. OR... Do you know of a veggie-dog that is better and available locally? Archived. Loma Linda - Tuno Fishless Tuna - in Spring Water Regular Price $2.49 ... Worthington Loma Linda - Big Franks : $9.99 . I buy them by the case from Amazon to save money. Close. Buy 12 for $5.83 each and save 9 % Qty: ... Loma Linda: Category: Meat Alternative: ABC Product Type: Grocery: Weight (lbs.) Home #@ Cheap Price 50 Nespresso Capsules Arpeggio Coffee NEW #@ Cheap Price 6" BULLY STICKS Free Range Standard Regular Thick Select 6 inch (30 Pack) #@ Cheap Price Amazing Grass Green Superfood 100 Serving Worthington Loma Linda - Tender Bits : $9.99 . 3. Comments. Big Franks. These vegan links possess a unique flavor and texture and are 100% free of cholesterol, trans fats and hormones. Big Franks … Packed with full-flavored sustainable plant-based protein and all the deliciousness of traditional hot dogs. This delicious hot dog substitute has always been a top-seller among vegetarian meat alternative food products. ... and barbecuing and can also be heated in a sauce pan with water or warmed in the microwave. More Info. Worthington Loma Linda - Saucettes : $9.99 . Ideal for grilling, boiling, or any recipe requiring veggie dogs. Quick Overview. More Info. Where to buy Loma Linda Big Franks? Worthington Loma Linda - Redi-Burger : $9.99 . SKU: 84556100053. Reply. $104.95.

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