Reduce heat to medium and add your … If it begins to brown, move on to the next step immediately. Small budget? If the mixture begins to brown, move on to the next step immediately, or you’ll have a brown “white” sauce! You can use white cheddar cheese or Gouda cheese in it’s place. Return the drained pasta to the big pot that it cooked in (heat turned off) and add the prepared vegetables and the sauce. Sprinkle a cup of shredded gouda (smoked mozzarella would also be nice) on top. Cook the pasta according to the package directions (boil for 7-10 minutes, or until al dente). Yes, that would work fine. As written it yields 4 servings, perfect for pairing with a side dish or salad, or 2 large portions. Any additonal salt and pepper may be added to taste as well as an optional topping of crusehed red peper flakes for a kick! As a food lover and a number cruncher I've decided that cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. help from healthy freezer and pantry staples. I made half a recipe and cut the milk to 1.5 cups. If you’re reading this in the Spring or Summertime then you’ve GOT to try my Caprese Tortellini Pasta Salad <– it’s always a crowd pleaser at parties and potlucks! Join me for delicious recipes designed for small budgets. This is one of my weeknight favorites! Spoon… bowl… fingers… I’ll do whatever it takes to get every drop of this sauce into my face. No, I’m sorry, I don’t have nutritional info. Learn how your comment data is processed. Need to warm up on a cold snowy/rainy day? I’ve been heating this up and eating it for lunch for the last week and it is STILL good. Drain the pasta in a colander. I only did the oven step to melt the gouda over top and make it more casserole-like. I managed to only use my dutch-oven, a strainer, and one large bowl! participates in select affiliate advertising programs. Trying to stock up on freezer meals cause of the corona. Budget Bytes » Recipes » Main Dish Recipes » Vegetable Alfredo Pasta Bake. Add pasta and broccoli and mix to coat. Finally made this tonight and it is *really* good. Pour the mixture into a casserole dish that has been coated with non-stick spray. Start the water for the pasta because that can cook while you’re making the sauce. Creamy Cauliflower and Brussels Sprout Casserole. Season the skillet lightly with salt and pepper. Uncover and top with crushed crackers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was like, whaaaat?!?! Required fields are marked *. Whisk the milk into the butter and flour mixture. If you get a chance to try this dreamy, creamy broccoli tortellini pasta bake, let me know! When the sauce is thick enough to coat a spoon, turn the heat down to low and whisk in the parmesan until it is melted and the sauce is thick. Loved this! It’s so creamy and good with tons of vegetables. Feeding a crowd? Plus this way they’re already chopped. Working in 2-3 batches, add half the gruyere cheese and all of the parmesan cheese, whisking in between each batch to gently melt the cheese. frozen spinach. Whisk 2/3 cup grated parmesan into the hot sauce until it is melted. Once you get here, turn the heat down to low. of broccoli/cauliflower pieces and 1/4 lb. So, choose a day when you have some time and energy to make a masterpiece in the kitchen and make. Sauté both in a large skillet with the olive oil over medium heat until soft. :). Baked Seafood Dip with Crab, Shrimp, and Veggies! Does it need to be baked at all? Slightly involved but so worth it. You can also keep this type of tortellini in the freezerand simply thaw the frozen tortellini in advance. How can you be sorry when you have pasta slathered with a creamy sauce and a ton of delicious little vegetables pieces that give every bite a new flavor and texture? While the pasta is cooking, prepare the sauce. I wanted the vegetables to be slightly crisp still because they will cook a little further in the oven later. So good! Leave some love in the comment form below or tag your photos with @peasandcrayons on Instagram so I can happy dance over your creation. I used spinach and ricotta tortellini and added a handful of spinach when mixing the sauce with the pasta and brocolli. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. First up is my beloved Instant Pot Tortellini recipe – it’s a must make if you have a pressure cooker! Everything got mixed back into the same pot and popped straight into the oven with the cheese on top! I’m LOVING this creamy broccoli tortellini pasta bake! Looks soooo yummy!! My bad.). Bring a medium pot of water to a light boil. Spiralized Veggie Salad: Eat the Rainbow! Skim may be a bit thin. The only changes I made were to add frozen peas, shred the zucchini instead of dicing (I had my food processor out and shredding, anyway), and use smoked mozzarella. Add the zucchini and carrots to the skillet and sauté just a couple minutes more. Season the skillet with a pinch of salt and pepper. xo. I’m wondering how it would taste just right off the stovetop. No Gruyere cheese? Required fields are marked *. Oh, you’ll want to preheat the oven to 375 now, too. There are quite a few tasty tortellini recipes here on Peas and Crayons, so be sure to stock your fridge or freezer with some for easy weeknight meals! this. Also stir in the nutmeg, garlic powder, salt, and some freshly cracked pepper. This is easy and delicious! This Creamy Broccoli Tortellini Pasta Bake makes an tasty weeknight dinner any day of the week. And the next day I poured the leftovers on some sauteed Italian sausage and onions to make biscuits and gravy! for this recipe? I’ve never seen this post before and I’ve practically memorized the vegetarian pages. Stir until everything is well combined and coated in the sauce. When the milk comes up to a simmer it will begin to thicken. I used four pots/dishes to make this pasta and I’m not the least bit sorry. Your email address will not be published. Turn the heat off. These are both one pound bags, but I used half of the bag of broccoli and cauliflower (“winter blend”) and 1/4 of the bag of spinach. OMG, this was SO good. Can you freeze this recipe? Melt the butter over medium heat and use a whisk to incorporate the flour as the butter melts. Yep, you can definitely just eat it off the stove top! I like to use the classic three cheese tortellini pasta to keep things gloriously vegetarian, but there are so many tasty varieties to choose from! Remove from heat and add salt, pepper, basil, and garlic powder. Make sure it drains really, really well. Great way to use up veggies in the fridge! I was reading the roasted vegetable baked ziti post and I stumbled across this “related” veggie Alfredo post! Bring a medium pot of water to a light boil. To make the sauce, add 4 Tbsp of butter and 1/4 cup all-purpose flour to a medium sauce pot. Sprinkle the shredded gouda on top and bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. Eat it up! No problem! This dish reminds me of the white vegetable lasagna that I used to love so much as a kid, except there’s no tedious layering going on. It channels all the goodness of a hearty broccoli pasta dish with the added bonus of being blanketed in a luscious Alfredo-like cream sauce. I didn’t make the whole thing–just the sauce to put over linguini. Once melted, add the flour in slowly, whisking with a metal whisk constantly for 2 minutes while it bubbles and darkens in color. Thank you for the recipe.. Still creamy and tasty and the little bit of smoked cheese on top, delish! Nomnomnom, that carrots in this dish are amazing! Then make the roux. That’s a little more my speed. Please excuse me if I missed it somewhere, but do you have nutritional info. Begin by making the vegetable mix. I’ll try to keep the easy stuff coming b/c this tired momma needs them too! Dice the zucchini into small pieces. Pour everything into a casserole dish (this one is about 9×9 inches and it was full up to the top). You don’t want a bunch of water trapped in the shells to make everything watery. When the milk begins to bubble it will also begin to thicken – that’s when those starch granules in the flour plump up and make everything thick. Reduce heat to medium and add your fresh tortellini. Nutrition Facts below are estimated using an online recipe nutrition calculator. Cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. :D, Perhaps! Whip up a bowl of healthy vegetarian tortellini soup or you can try my Creamy Tuscan Tortellini Soup for a little indulgence! Turn the heat off. Find out with our free weekly recipe newsletter! For fresh vegetables I used one small onion, four cloves of garlic, three carrots, and one zucchini.

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