Next-generation terror will be unleashed. Right now, you can purchase a three-month subscription for a great price. Though you may have missed it, a four-minute uncut gameplay video for The Medium was released on July 24, a day after a gameplay trailer appeared during the Xbox Games Showcase. Alison & Co. 3 weeks ago. SPECIAL PROMOTION! Still, the dual reality gimmick should set up some mind-bending scenarios that players will have to work their way through. Awards . As you can see in the video, much of The Medium is spent exploring and solving puzzles in a style similar to Silent Hill or Resident Evil. Composers Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yama… Release Date: Jan 28, 2021. "We'll know for sure whether or not it will make that November 10 launch as we get closer to that date." If the game includes combat, we have not seen that yet, as the July 2020 gameplay video only showcases the one puzzle. The Medium is a horror game being developed by Bloober Team, a Polish studio behind Layers of Fear, Observer, and Blair Witch. While it's coming out a month after Xbox Series X and S are released, it will be the first exclusive to truly show the power of the new hardware. Silent Hill's influence on The Medium is noticeable from the gameplay all the way to the soundtrack. This dual worlds gimmick is really something that can only really be done on next-generation consoles, so it's definitely worth checking out to see the power of the Xbox Series X. There's also a trailer dedicated to the horrific thing known as The Maw. The title is available for pre-order on Steam and Microsoft store. The Medium - Delayed to January 28, 2021 - COVID issues in Poland and a new release date for a other game AKA Cyberpunk 2077 Thread starter Theorry Start date Nov 6, 2020 When it does arrive, it'll also be available on Xbox Game Pass. I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Samuel Tolbert is a freelance writer covering gaming news, specifically focusing on Xbox and PC gaming on Windows Central. As a medium with access to both worlds, you have a wider perspective and can see more clearly that there’s no one simple truth to what others perceive.". The game begins with Marianne traveling to an abandoned hotel resort. Reikowski is scoring the music for the physical world, while Yamoaka scored the spiritual world. Basically, keeping the two worlds of The Medium running simultaneously with a stable frame rate and minimal loading would be extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, on current-gen hardware. When is The Medium 's release date? The Medium comes to PC and Series X in late 2020. The video reveals the "dual-reality" concept that is at the core of The Medium, highlighting how it's used to solve puzzles. Bloober Team didn't share a release date for quite some time, but in October we learned that The Medium will be released on December 10, 2020. The Maw is voiced by Troy Baker, who recently played Bruce Banner in Marvel's Avengers. Here's everything we know about the gameplay and other details of The Medium. Here's everything we know about Bloober Team's upcoming next-gen scare-fest. Offer ends January 28-10%. Bloober Team's flagship franchise is Layers of Fear, though you may also know the team for its cyberpunk horror game Observer or its 2019 game adaption of Blair Witch, which was also an Xbox exclusive at launch. The Medium is scheduled to release on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC on December 10, 2020. "Nothing is what it seems, everything has another side. First, there's Sadness, a little girl that's stuck at the Niwa Hotel and sports a creepy mask. Bloober Team announces that it has delayed The Medium, with the mind-bending horror game now slated to release in early-2021. The soundtrack is being composed by Bloober's own Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamoaka, the composer for the Silent Hill franchise. In the video, we see Marianne mess with a clock in the real world to speed up time within the Spirit World, opening a path that allows Marianne to finish a puzzle and progress. And later learned that it will also come to the PC platform. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. There's still time for the developers to show what you'll be doing outside of puzzles before this game and Xbox Series X launch though. Blooper Team has announced that The Medium will be pulled back to January 28th 2020, below in the formal statement from them. The Medium is one of the most exciting next-gen horror games that'll launch in late 2020. No, at least not right now. "The inclusion of the legendary Akira Yamaoka — best known for his work on the Silent Hill franchise — is a dream come true," composer Arkadiusz Reikowski explained in a press release. The Medium was originally announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U in 2012, but for want of better technology, reappeared in May 2020 as a Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S title. Most of the game seems to take place at the Niwa Hotel, and there are two characters that Marianne will keep running into over the course of her adventure. The launch of the horror game will take place before the end of 2020 on PC and Xbox Series X and S consoles. The Medium is a brand new franchise for the team, so it will be exciting to see what other innovative things Bloober Team does with it. The Medium is Xbox Series X Optimized, supporting 4K and DirectX Ray Tracing on Xbox Series X. Like Stalker 2, The Medium will release for PC and Xbox Series X|S. "Players will find themselves in the body of Marianne, a medium hounded by visions, living and interacting across two worlds: the real, and the spirit world," it explains. Bloober Team has released a new trailer for The Medium, which revealed the game's release date. Horror Game The Medium Delayed to 2021. The developer of The Medium is Bloober Team, a Polish studio that has made a name for themselves within the horror genre. The Medium has been announced for Xbox Series X and PC but no other platforms are listed at this time. Not just any laptop is going to work for VR, though, so we rounded up your best options right here. Games News The Medium Share Tweet Submit Pin Bloober Team, the developers behind Blair Witch and Observer , announced on Friday that their new horror title, The Medium will release … The Medium was initially conceived as a project all the way back in 2012. You can check out about four minutes of gameplay footage in the video below. You play as Marianne, a woman haunted by visions of a child's death. The Medium Gets Release Date. A new trailer for The Medium was released to celebrate the launch date announcement. We're LIVE with the Windows Central Video Podcast today at 2:30pm ET, make sure you're there! Using a laptop to power your VR system makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Even though The Medium will not make the launch of Xbox Series X, Observer: System Redux, a remaster from the same developer, will be on Xbox Series X and PS5 day one.

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