Rated 4.0 / 5 by 29 customers! The Taylor GS mini mahogany seem to have put a clause to this notion as this instrument is observed to produce loud booming … Any questions or comments very welcome in the comments section below. Taylor Gs Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Review 2019. Taylor GS Mini Mahogany at Musician’s Friend; I hope you found this review helpful. Their GS Mini is the perfect design for singer-songwriters, bedroom strummers and fingerpickers. ... 2019 Music Background: Ancient dinosaur, pickin since I was a pup. The Taylor GS Mini is an awesome guitar...far better than I expected...and the Taylor Es-Go pickup designed specifically for the Mini … If you want to compare the GS Mini to other guitars in a similar price range check out the link below. Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Taylor ES-Go GS Mini Acoustic Soundhole Pickup Reviews. Acoustic Guitar’s Under 500 reviews The tight sound is perfect for … Taylor is hands-down the best the best guitsr manufacturer in the business.

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