By Bertie Simmonds. Sat, 5 Apr 2008. Suzuki's Bandit is long credited with having kicked off the now highly successful naked middleweight market and you can still see why it caught on. Think back to the mid-1990s and bike prices were a bit salty (OK, nothing like today…) but this was at the time that parallel imports were coming in and before the main UK manufacturers were forced to cut their prices to suit. Used Review: Suzuki Bandit 600. De Bandit 650S duurtest 2005 Hier vind je alle verslagen over de test van de Bandit 650S, welke voor een periode van 3 maanden beschikbaar was gesteld aan onze club door Suzuki Nederland. The Suzuki Bandit sounded all mean, moody and as if it was going to stop you in your tracks and empty your wallet, but the reality was quite the opposite. The Suzuki GSF600 Bandit was the first bike in its class: that of budget middleweight road bikes. Suzuki Bandit 600 zal het leuk vinden en een trouwe metgezel worden voor iemand die ervan houdt om door de straten van de stad te rijden en er soms uitkomt. He’s titled his review “Suzuki Bandit 1200, taking the crisis out of mid-life!” Steve Spalding and his Bandit Loyalty to a bike isn’t for everyone, new models come and go and each arrives with a compelling reason to either shell out the full purchase price and add to the collection or trade in your pride and joy and cough up the difference. Born to Run. Moderators: Webbeheer, Dagelijks bestuur Deze fiets heeft de kenmerken van een nekeda, maar behoort nog steeds tot de klasse van sporten. You’ll notice I didn’t say ‘a good one’ because there are hardly any good early ones out there. Suzuki GSF600 Bandit Bike Overview. The Common Denominator: Suzuki Bandit 600. It’s the ideal starter bike for anyone wanting to get used to a 600cc engine and with sleek looks, a great sound and a fast engine, you really can’t go wrong. Admittedly, the handling has now been eclipsed by the competition in the form of Honda's Hornet and Yamaha's Fazer, but for rock bottom prices, look no further than the Bandit. Share: 0. Het nieuwe model van de wegmotor "Suzuki Bandit 600" werd voor het eerst gepresenteerd in 1995. Suzuki Bandit Prices. Ze werd senior in de GSF-line-up. Photography by Dean Groover. In 1995 Suzuki built the naked middleweight Bandit. Met enkele gemeenschappelijke functies met de voorganger "Suzuki Bandit-400", verschilden de "zeshonderd" er kardinaal van. Compared to Yamaha's Diversion it was a revelation: sure it was cheap, cheerful and built to a price, but it was also a hell of a lot of fun to ride. Fast forward 20 years and you can pick up an early Bandit 600 for under £1000 and a 1200 for a little over that. February 24, 2009

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