Spray the plants with a fungicide when young tips break through the ground. Using the improper fertilizer or one with lower quality ingredients can lead to serious problems in healthy growth of your peonies. Thread in the Peonies forum forum by Minyatur: Hello! Peonies (Paeonia spp.) Pesticides registered for use include copper, captan, chlorothalonil (Daconil), mancozeb, maneb, sulfur, and thiophanate methyl (Cleary 3336). In New York State, fungicides registered to help manage Botrytis blight of peony include some formulations of copper Although peonies have few problems, they are susceptible to some diseases. The fertilizer you use plays a vital role in the development of your peonies. The best cure for all diseases is proper cleanup and maintenance of the plant. Put the diluted milk in a spray bottle and apply to your plants once a week. Follow 2 weeks later with another application and every 14 days thereafter until mid-June. How is the sunlight and drainage in the area where the peonies are planted? The best way to avoid fungal problems is to improve the air flow around the plant so the foliage stays as dry as possible. Fungicide sprays may also help by protecting plants from infections. Use a fungicide. For an immediate fix, you could try applying an organic fungicide, which should be available at a … Apply these when spring weather is continuously cool and wet or if Botrytis blight has been a problem the previous year. Powdery Mildew on Peonies. This makes it more difficult for fungal diseases to take hold. Peonies are perennials grown for their large, showy flowers. The best place to start with prevention of plant disease is with good cultural practices. Spending the extra time to find the best fertilizer for peonies can make all the difference in preventing issues down the road. Apparently skim milk works best for this. are prized for large, colorful blooms that appear in late spring or early summer. Spent flowers should be removed and the plant should only be watered at the base. Personally I have found the best fungicide to prevent and fight powdery mildew is tetraconazole, which is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide, meaning it's absorbed by the tissues and isn't washed away by the rain. Jobes organics is one of the best organic fertilizers for peonies.It is a well crafted balanced fertilizer to make the healthier peonies with lots of blooms. In terms of where to apply the fungicide, read and follow all label directions! It contains an NPK ratio of 3-5-5 that means 3% of nitrogen, 5% of phosphate, and 5% of potash that makes it ideal for peonies. Do you break open the chemical based fungicide and lay to waste your plans for an organic garden?

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