Features Compartments to Transport Four Bundled Mic Stands. A standard cast base mic stand simply isn't heavy enough to support the weight of a boom arm, gooseneck, mic and cable. Also, I have hit hanging mics with my sticks once or twice. ! So a headset has been a necessity. Let’s talk about setting up a microphone for a singing drummer. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT The Clamp It 'The Clamp It' is a break-through solution to help singing drummers. A drum overhead mic stand is generally used in recording studios, practice spaces, and on stage. I know, I tried it. I am a drummer and when I’m not singing I wanted to be able to throw the mic away quickly, or make adjustments quickly, and this was a great solution. THUNK! It is a little stiff, which I see people complaining about. £64.99. Mic stand placement is a problem drummers face not only with regard to location and available space, but also with regard to … In one band, I was the only vocalist. You could add a weight, but it's one more thing to carry and the small stand base is still not very steady. If you buy an Atlas MS25 mic stand you will be set and your stand will be rock steady. 4 Boom Mic Stand and Bag Pack by Gear4music. These types of stands can get the microphones up very high and provide very stable support for heavier large condenser microphones.. Finding the best drum overhead mic stand can be difficult, as local music shops normally don’t carry these types of stands; you usually will need to order them online. 20+ in stock. £59.99. I haven't had a whole lot of success googling them, or checking the usual online sources. I have been a singing drummer for over twenty years. Boom Mic Stand by Gear4music, 5 … The Clamp-it for the Singing Drummer is a unique product created by a singing drummer to assist the singing drummer, or drum clinician, with microphone stand placement. 20+ in stock. The Clamp It guarantees that that's no longer an issue. Other mic stands interrupt your flow of arm movement. Sounds lovely to the audience. This innovative drummer accessory attachment 'clamps' on to the bottom of your stool to hold the mic stand so that it's out of your way. I couldn't imagine trying to keep my face in front of a mic while I play. I would appreciate getting some suggestions on brands/models of overhead mic stands for singing drummers. Just like the microphone set up for the pianist the microphone for the drummer should be to the left. 3 Stands With Easy To Use Hand Height Adjustment Clutch. Deluxe Quick Release Boom Mic Stand by Gear4music, Pack of 3. Great addition to a mic stand. I can get the mic right where I want it quickly without touching the mic stand, which sits behind me. Given the sheer size of a drum set, drummers need a lot of room.

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