2. Just about everyone can benefit from weight-training, and research shows it not only … Even if you have a mobility issue, there are several arm-strengthening exercises you can perform while seated. By Michelle Basta Speers, CPT. Holda weight in one hand and place the elbow of that arm on the inner thighof the leg on the same side of the body. 3. Slowlylower the dumbbell toward the floor until your arm … The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that the elderly perform one to three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise … You can do arm exercises with weights while sitting at your desk. Having trouble finding time to work out? Target the biceps, shoulders and triceps muscles. “Curl”the weight by bending the elbow of the hand with the dumbbell up soyour arm makes a “V” shape and the dumbbell is up near your chin. Strengthen your arms, back, chest, and shoulders with this seated exercise routine.

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