Confusingly called the S6 Original, this reboot offers a new dark finish in its back, sides and neck, and a 45mm wide top nut, compared to the all-natural aesthetics and slimmer 43mm nut spec’d on the new S6 Cedar Slim, also priced at £439. préampli sur Seagull ne fonctionne plus. The S6 "Slim" is the slimmer neck version of the well known S6 Original dreadnaught. C'est vrai que le vernis des Martin protège la gratte jeanmi dans l'absolu tu as raison . In fact everything is the same except for one major difference – the size/shape of the guitar. So if you’re looking for something that won’t cost too much but is still of decent quality then these are worth checking out. I’ve reviewed it first below, but to sum it up, this is a classic with staying power. i have only used 1.75" nut width before, but the slim is 1.72" and the original is 1.8". i don't know if i really want something less than 1.75" but at the same time i don't want something too wide. ok, so i've been looking into getting the Seagull S6 and trying to decide which one is the right one for me. How does the highgloss affect the tone in the cedar GT? > Chevilles pour guitare Seagull > SOS! Are there any other differences between these two models except estetical ones? The S6 Original Slim comes with a slimmer neck than the S6 Original. Whereas the S6 Original Slim has a neck width of 1.72” (43.7mm). > Seagull s6slim : demande d'avis général et su... > Seagull S6 ou Lâg t300D ?? Seagull Coastline S6 Slim CW Spruce QI Guitar : Check Current Price . If you are looking for a versatile acoustic guitar with an inbuilt amplifier, then S6 has that acoustic-electric option in the form of the latest S6 Original SLIM QIT 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Ce vernis est ultra sensible à tout et surtout aux micro rayures ! Let’s find out what makes this model so great. Brief … Best Seagull Guitars Reviews Seagull S6 Original Acoustic – Top Model . If you’re just here to single out the best Seagull guitar, their most popular model is the Seagull S6 Original. The neck width at the nut on the S6 original is 1.80”(45.7mm). S6 Original series has introduced another version called the S6 Original SLIM. He played a lot of guitars and loves the Seagull S6. This slim model comes in a custom semi-gloss finish, and it includes a solid cedar top, a silver leaf maple neck with a 1.72″ nut width for easy fretting. > Avis aux spécialistes seagull (godin) : les v... > La Seagull de Tété ? It features quality construction and superior sound—it’s not hard to see why it’s a player favorite. This is a smaller sized guitar and has a more defined waist. Now, I see there's also a "Slim" model. There are 17 different guitars in the S6 Series: S6 Original; S6 Original QIT; S6 Original Left; S6 Original Left QIT Which brings us to the latest version of the Seagull S6. The S6 Original is an award-winning acoustic and is arguably the finest and most successful Seagull. Best Seagull Guitar Overall: Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Tennessee Red. It has Seagull’s Concert Hall shape.. So much so, that it sparked a whole new line – the S6 series. I want to buy a guitar for my 11 year old son. With the Slim model, there is a slight difference in the soundhole rosette, the top binding and it does not have a pick guard. Alternatives of Seagull S6 Original. Hi! Par contre, (je parle en connaissance de cause car j'ai aussi une Martin HD 28 ), le vernis de la Martin est magnifique c'est un vrai miroir je vous l'accorde , mais je ne vous raconte pas à quel point il est fragile !! The Guitars in the S6 Series. The nut width of the Slim is 1.72", while the width of the Original is 1.78". Seagull’s S6 guitars are Seagull’s middle of the range guitars. Seagull S6 Original vs Slim. The S6 Original Concert Hall is similar to the Original in that it has a Solid Cedar Top and Wild Cherry back and sides. > Seagull : Je fonce ou pas ?? Key Features. Otherwise, the Slim is identical to the Original. The blend of different tonewoods and thin yet enduring finish allows the S6 SLIM to project with a crispier tone essential for any player. In fact this is the only significant difference between the two models.

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