Insects make up most of the diet of Screech and Scop owls; on the other hand, Barn owl relies on small rodents like mice, voles, and shrews for their food. The larger species of owl cannot nurture appropriately on a diet that consists of snails and insects; therefore, they have to eat large animals like birds, rabbits, hares, foxes, and even ducks. We identified the diet of owlets of the Daito subspecies of the Ryukyu Scops Owl Otus elegans interpositus on Minami-daito Island during late May and early June 2009, by means of high-resolution color photography. According to Denac and Kmecl (2014), the abundance of this predator in GNP is approximately three-times higher (200–250 pairs) than the current population estimate for the Scops Owl (70–80 pairs). Scops Owls are restricted to the Old World - with most of them residing in Africa and southern Europe. Diet. Cockroaches were provided by parents to their young at all eight nests studied, and contributed the largest single component of the diet (33%). However, its diet in the study area is mostly associated with small mammals, amphibians, insects and small to medium sized birds. The diet composition of the insectivorous scops owl was studied by analysing the prey remnants collected from 21 nests during 2008-2009 in an extensively cultivated rural area in the centre of the owl’s distribution range in Central Romania. Description. Being an owlet, as young as 1 month is the most tamable period for a Philippine Scops owl. The Scops Owl, like many other small owls, is an insectivore that feeds on small insects like cicadas, grasshoppers and other small insects though they have also been known to feed on small birds, rodents and other small sized mammals. The species is declining throughout its distributional range, thus giving concern for its conservation status. We investigated seasonal shifts in its habitat use and diet in central Italy, where scops owl is a resident species in Central Tuscany. Facts about the Philippine Scops Owl - Handling and Diet On handling a Philippine Scops Owl. Orthoptera species, which … They have large heads, facial disks, ear tufts, as well as hawk-like beaks and claws. The Eurasian scops owl is one of the least known European nocturnal raptors. Members of the Scops Owl family are agile and small, measuring only between 6.5 - 12 inches (16.5 - 30 cm) in length (including the tail).

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