It has a fantastic design and function to match. Sanding pad diameter: 8.25 in. Most drywall sanding novices usually forget to sand after priming. The CT 36 AutoClean Dust Extractor will keep your work site very clean, while the efficient functioning of the tool will actually reduce operating costs over time - due to its ability to last longer and to utilize less expensive sanding abrasives. Until 1988, when modern drywall sanders were first made, it was all about manual sandpapers and other abrasives. While, Grit is the size of the raised objects on the sandpaper, the abrasive bits. x 12 ft. #2 Pressure-Treated Timber-6330254. Paint removal uses a smaller grit number, something that is capable of gouging out the paint, while soft materials will require a high grit number. body, you'll make quick work out of even the largest of tasks. Then, touch the surfaces up again with a joint compound. Here is a rough breakdown of the grit number and what it is suited for: Probably the most popular for Drywall sanders will be 120 to 150-grit drywall sandpaper. The lightweight 9 lbs. Typically, your grit will fall between 50 and 120-grit. ETL Approved. To sift through the choices, and then eventually rank the tools, we had to put together criteria from which to work from. dust adapter for maximum versatility. Preparation and knowledge ensure that your drywall sanding project is easy and quick. Mid range price may put it into the “Low-end professional use” category, Great versatility and variance of settings, Good design for functionality and practicality, Versatile, and adjustable (Handle, swivel head, speeds). This can help protect you from inhaling drywall dust, which can cause respiratory problems. Sanding screen will work just fine on wood, but sanding paper will have issues with drywall. Sandpaper will quickly run into issues because of dust build up. Boasting 13 ft. of vacuum hose and a 62-in. Alternatively, are the long handled sanders that allow you to collapse them down for tight spaces or transportation. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. This Arksen is another mid-tier offering that comes in at a fair price and backs it up with a solid set of abilities. Making a large purchase, as buying power tools often is, can be a frustrating and nerve racking process – especially when you are new to the needs or function of the tool. Drywall Sander with 13 ft. Long Dust Collection Hose, Variable Speed 5-Amp Dual-Head Drywall Sander with 15-Foot Hose, 10 Amp Corded 8.5 in. At 9 pounds this is probably the lightest of the electric drywall sanders. Drywall needs to be smoothed out before paint can be applied, for example, and rough edges need to be shaped. However, you should be careful with the pole sander since it can flip over and scratch the wall. Drywall needs to be smoothed out before paint can be applied, for example, and rough edges need to be shaped. I’m not typically a fan of Best Choice products, as they are fairly mediocre brand, but you pair this sander up with the right shop vac and you have yourself a surprisingly useful tool at a competitive price. When something is built to be well balanced, and to as lightweight as possible, you can definitely feel the difference. The suction effects will even help buoy the tool, keeping it lightweight both when extended and collapsed. The detachable brush segment comes off to allow easy access to corners and edges. Like we stated before, you don’t want to. Suitable for the DIY and professionals. Although it won’t catch all the dust, the vacuum feature does a solid job as well. Before you start sanding, make sure that the mud is completely dry. Wait for the spots to dry, and finish the job by sanding the marked areas. It is important since too much sanding can damage the paper face on the wall. However, if you want your walls to look flawless, then you need to take up the challenge. To sift through the choices, and then eventually rank the tools, we had to put together criteria from which to work from. The argument being you are getting more value for every dollar you spend. The lower the grit number is, the bigger the raised objects will be. If you have sanded too much in a particular spot, you can use a joint compound to touch it up and sand again when dry. Rather than using wobbly step stools and ladders, the pole sanders provide short, sideways strokes or long, lengthwise strokes. You need to ensure you have the correct type of filter and bag to handle drywall dust. Sturdy aluminum frame, comfortable grips, and a swivel head make sure you have everything you need to make short work of some drywall. Finding the right combination of grit and RPM is essential for achieving the best finish possible.You also want to make sure you are reducing heat produced. body telescopes to reach lengths up to five feet away. Our tips will help you handle the job with confidence as you achieve the best look on your walls. At just 8.5 pounds, the Porter-Cable 7800 (about $455) is a lightweight option … This subjective “value” is explained a bit more under the price section, but took into account all of the possible attributes. Although they are both measured in grit, their design is rather different. This low cost, however, causes it to suffer in overall longevity. All necessary tasks when working on drywall. Since our list compares sanders that range fairly drastically in price to one another, we had to look at them from the basis of a price to value ratio. It is a fairly standard drywall sander, but that is more a strength than a weakness. In fact, in the last hundred years, once drywall became an established alternative to lath and plaster, it became perhaps the most common material in and around North American homes. A sander is used to smooth out, 4.7 Amp Corded 8-7/8 in. 9 Inch 8-Holes Hook and Loop Drywall Sander Sanding Discs 240 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper for Vacuum System Power Disc Sanders, Drywall Stone Rough Wood Car Yacht Grinding Polishing Paper, 20-pack. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. This package also includes six pieces of hook and loop sandpaper disks and six pieces of hook and loop triangular sandpaper (60, 80, 120, 150, 180 and 240 grit) along with a flexible dust vacuum hose that stretches up to 15 feet for reliable dust removal. Designed for a basic all around drywall sanding, this extendable sander can easily tackle the ceilings and walls with little effort. So if a device fits your needs well, spend an extra few minutes making sure it doesn’t have a cousin that maybe fits your needs even more. Although this is fairly subjective, and bundles closely with weight, this is still a significant factor. Its 8-7/8-in. The 7.5 ft. flexible dust vacuum hose attaches easily to either the included dust bag or the dust collection system of your choice, with both a 1-7/8 in. reach, this sander is great for completing large spaces. Long hose with excellent dust removal abilities. A sander is used to smooth out joint compound and other imperfections, giving your wall a polished, finished look. Rather than precariously balance on a ladder, you just extend your handle a bit. It comes with a hose, 6 sanding discs, carry bag and dust bag. A tool will have a unique value rating when it comes to your jobs, however, even if a device was deemed very cost efficient and ranked high, if it cannot perform the work you require, it would have a value of zero to you. What it skimps on regarding bells and whistles it makes up for in pure functionality. If you are using a pole sander, use a side-to-side sweep motion or the push and pull motion since they are difficult to control. You have some of the best ones featured in our top 10 above. A sanding screen allows the dust to escape from between the wall and the sanding pad. Start at a lower RPM and work up until you see no visible increase in dust being produced. If you are sanding large areas, high walls, or more than one room, you should consider using a pole sander.

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