Destination in religious tourism. Notre-Dame Cathedral is another tourist magnet and site of pilgrimage for Catholics. In our website, e-newsletter and print publication you’ll find the top religious travel destinations and new faith-based attractions. Every year millions of pilgrims travel to places with unique spiritual significance in hopes of experiencing elevation, transformation and attaining a new degree of wisdom. Enquire Now. This means there are many places of spiritual significance around the country. Religious Tourism Destinations in India. Abstract The aim of this study is to provide a critical review of the literature in the following areas: concepts related to the intersection of tourism and religion, religion and spirituality are still among the most common motivations for travel, Sacred Destinations is an independent editorial publication. Save on your travel and hotel bookings with OYO Rooms Coupons. Located in Paris, Notre-Dame is the most-visited attraction in France and the 13th-most-visited tourist destination in the world. Call Our Travel Expert +91-11-4242 3100. Their difference is the motivation to take the trip: strictly religious purpose or religion combined with education and the desire to explore the cultural heritage. Annual visitors to Notre-Dame are estimated to number 13.7 million. Religious Travel Planning Guide is the place to research and organize your next faith-based group adventure. Pilgrimage destinations can be places where a religious teacher was born, a miracle or mystery took place, or where the natural world holds sacred significance. About 80% of Indians are Hindu. The majority of the population belong to it. Here are the top 10 religious & pilgrimage tourism destinations in the World having spiritual significance to get inner peace. Typical religious tourism destination are common to both afore mentioned types. Sacred Destinations is an online travel guide to sacred sites, religious travel, pilgrimages, holy places, religious history, sacred places, historical religious sites, archaeological sites, religious festivals, sacred sites, spiritual retreats, and spiritual journeys. Hinduism is the primary religion in India. Developing Religious Tourism Circuits through a Hub and Spoke Model Providing the tourists with a holistic tourism experience Marketing religious tourism destinations needs special training as quite a major part of the visitors are attracted to these destinations due to reasons like studying old culture, evolution of practices and research. In the first case we are dealing with pilgrimage and the second with religious (cultural) tourism. Here are the top 10 religious & pilgrimage tourism destinations in the World having spiritual significance to get inner peace.

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