Creating a link between established enterprise and something new gives others a metaphorical bridge into your idea," advises Clay. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. He was successful at deception despite his increasing fame--newspapers called him the "famous infamous Tom Bell." Secrets, lies, and tricks are tactics many con artists use to manipulate people to get what they want, oftentimes destroying their victim's lives forever. Confidence men are not the outliers or the exceptions to American culture. Whether you're in a writing rut, need an idea for a new medium, or are tired of making excuses about finding the best story idea, this list of 365 story ideas makes … The con will ask for opinions and help, then they have the victim call a hotline to verify the numbers. Unfortunately, when they try to claim their winnings, they find out that the only winner was the con artist. Even the Amish have succumbed. Today is National Voter Registration Day! They are its logical extension. But the con man is more than that. In a world where deceit often masquerades as faith and cynicism as philanthropy, that “something” just might be a con game. There, a clerk or farmer could place a side bet on the direction of a given stock without actually purchasing any shares. The inside man convinces the victim to buy the ticket. Later in the century, the trading of commodities futures on the Chicago Board of Trade ignited a fervor for speculation, but only the wealthy could afford the steep margin requirements to participate on the exchange. Create a character sketch of who you want to be when you pitch. Con men and performers do this all the time," instructs Clay. In the 19th century, for instance, the nation lacked a national currency. As much as we may loathe the behavior of the expert flimflam man, we also have to admire his grasp of human psychology and skills of persuasion -- skills it's possible to use for far more admirable ends, according to author Alexa Clay. Bucket shop proprietors made the working class feel as if they were breaking into the rarefied realm of high finance, until the new century when they finally did. In his own sly way, he has been a prime mover in American economic development, almost without anyone noticing. 3. In a recent Unreasonable Institute post, she argues that "such tricksters actually have quite a bit to teach entrepreneurs today about hustle, salesmanship, and the art of a pitch" before laying out five specific skills that legitimate businesspeople could helpfully lift from con artists. He would place ever-increasing orders for stocks on the assumption that he couldn't possibly lose. Con artists are masters of trust You can learn a lot about trust from the people who violate it for a living. You could even go farther, and say that American would never have prospered without imposture, swindling, and counterfeiting. Here they are in brief: Cons only work when you focus on the other party's emotional needs. My name is Jim, and I have spent most of my adult life swindling people out of money — big money. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The same could be said of legitimate entrepreneurial pitches, insists Clay. 05/01/2012 12:56 pm ET Updated Jun 10, 2012 America has always admired a good confidence artist, that sleek and clever shyster whose fancy words promise a golden future. Requests for feedback on story ideas or synopses will also be removed at moderator discretion. That's why con men reel in their victims with forged documents and expensive props. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! Entrepreneurs should borrow a bit of this wisdom and understand that "a prototype is worth one thousand words. From 1738 to 1755, he roamed from New Hampshire to Barbados, stealing, getting caught, and repeating the cycle. We are still grappling with how to differentiate speculation from gambling, as you can see in the Volker Rule, or in Warren Buffet's testimony before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Committee ("Gambling involves, in my view, the creation of a risk where no risk need be created"). Con artists take this approach to extremes, but putting on a metaphorical mask (to a lesser extent) is a great technique for any entrepreneur beset by a lack of confidence. It was the perfect game for a roaring economy, a financial market that was beginning to open itself up to the middle class, and a system which had always thrived by tolerating a bit of fraud to add liquidity.

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