NY 10036. The program works on anything from Windows 2000 up, which is unusual when much of the competition now requires Windows 7 or later. Seqrite UTM is a high-performance, easy-to-use Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution for small and mid-sized enterprises. We were surprised to see that Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro has a firewall: they're normally reserved for internet security suites. For example, it gives the most space to large buttons highlighting four areas – Files & Folders, Emails, Internet & Network, External Drives – and we thought these would give us access to related functions, like ‘scan this folder’ or ‘check that external drive’. This fully integrated product is a simple and smart way of replacing multiple security programs with one solution. Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro has a lot of features, but none of them are particularly impressive, its antivirus engine gets a poor rating from the independent testing labs, and there's just not enough power or functionality to justify the price. We completed the review by running our own ransomware simulator. You will receive a verification email shortly. Only an executable program can be added. ZoneAlarm gives you more functionality for free. Black Friday deals: see all the best offers right now! But, no – clicking a button displays settings only, and once the program is configured you might never need to click any of them again. What we actually got, some 15 hours later, was the following: 'Well, not only do you need to turn Windows Defender OFF, but also totally uninstall it.'. Track Your Laptop -On the Configure Program Rules screen, click the Add button to add a program. We hoped to get a detailed reply with Quick Heal-specific information. Procedure: Open Quick Heal Dashboard=>Go to Internet and Network=>Firewall Protection=>Program Rules=>Configure. Quick Heal Remote Device Management (RDM) This is a free portal where you can add your Quick Heal enabled device, view its current status, and get notified of any critical situation such as malware infections. We chose 'Block' and the simulator was quarantined, a great result. The rest aren't of any real value, and you'll get better results with the best security freeware. And the real problem here isn't that Quick Heal's installation failed – it's that the installer wasn't able to report the nature of the problem, and tech support wasted our time with useless advice on 'fixing' it. You can also scan files from Explorer's right-click menu, and, in an unusual touch, you can view scan results directly from a file's properties dialog. There were no error messages, no logs or anything else to give us a clue about the cause. With no effective help on offer, we switched to our emergency fallback position of installing to a fresh user account. That is, if you right-click the file suspicious.exe and select Properties, you can investigate its details as usual, or click on a new Quick Heal tab to see the scan results. » Detailed Reports (Daily, Weekly and Monthly), Leave your name and mobile number, We will call you back, Cert-In issues ‘virus alert’ for some Wi-Fi routers from Huawei, Netgear, D-Link and others, Business Email Compromise Groups Springing up in New Locations, A Patient Dies After Ransomware Attack Paralyzes German Hospital Systems, 10 Cybersecurity best practices that every employee should know, Cyber Security Best Practices for Business, Majority of businesses lack cyber security expertise, Managed Firewall Security Solution Provider Company in India. They continue to depend on multiple security solutions such as firewall, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus and more, to protect their network security. The July-November 2018 report summarizes the results of five tests, and it placed Quick Heal in last place, with a protection score of 97.7% (the top 14 blocked 99.1% or more of the test threats). You'll probably want to start with the Scan button at the bottom of the window, then, which gives access to three scan types: Memory, Full and Custom (there's no ability to add custom scan types of your own, or tweak an individual scan type to behave differently). With Quick Heal version 16,you can allow or block programs from accessing the Internet and network. A few might be useful, including a Track Cleaner to remove common internet and activity information. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. It has a firewall, sandbox, anti-keylogger, intrusion detection, along with a 'TrackMyLaptop' antitheft system: it seems more like a suite than a standalone antivirus. In today’s technology-driven world, enterprises have to stay connected anytime and anywhere. There are several bonus tools. AV Comparatives' Real-World Protection test measures the protection of 18 top antivirus engines against the latest malware. (Although, of course, if you're still using the long-unsupported Windows 2000 or XP, you're got way more security problems to worry about than your choice of antivirus). This was intelligent enough to whitelist common applications, and didn't raise any pointless alerts. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Users who didn't have the experience to dismiss this as nonsense might easily waste time messing around with their system, maybe even causing other problems, trying to do what the agent had asked. The only other major comparative test we could find was SE-Labs July-September 2018 Consumer report. » Plug-and-play solution without manual intervention or changes. The Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro interface is cluttered, and not particularly intuitive. This uses a more complex methodology to rank its 13 contenders, but the result was much the same, with Quick Heal Internet Security ranking a disappointing 12th place. There's a discount for adding more devices, but it's relatively poor, with a three-device license costing $75 (£57.70), and five devices $125 (£96.15). Setup proceeded without any further hassles, suggesting there was a conflict with something in our review user account.

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