Quantity. Heirloom Type: Artichoke Alternative names: Purple of Romanga Origins: Italy. 120 days. Cynara scolymus. This unique variety is also a fine ornamental for your edible landscape. Globe Artichokes. Purple Italian is an open pollinated variety from Italy. Artichoke plants produce large purple colored tender heads and are more tolerant to both heat and cold than standard green globe … Purple Italian is an open pollinated variety from Italy. Approx 50 Seeds Able to stand temperature fluctations more than other artichoke varieties, both hotter and colder. The Purple Italian Globe is a hardier and somewhat more adaptable plant than many of its artichoke brethren and stands up quite well to moderate and slightly colder climates. For more information on Growing Artichokes. Artichoke plants produce large, tender heads and are more tolerant to both heat and cold than standard green globe artichokes. You can also plant transplants from the end of January through March in Arizona. This variety has a superb flavor, is more tender and has a larger edible fleshy portion at the base of each bract (most often incorrectly called petals or leaves). Characteristics: Large heads. Latin Name: Cynara scolymus Site and Soil: Artichokes like 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil. Purple Italian Globe Artichoke Seeds (120 days after transplant) 1 gram packet contains about 20 seeds. Purple Italian Globe. Cynara scolymus. This heirloom Artichoke from Italy produces purple-headed fruits measuring from 3 to 6 inches across. Artichoke Purple Italian. 1. The plants produce large, purple-coloured 8–16 cm heads. Purple Italian Globe Artichoke. They are considered as true artichokes and are available all year long. Purple Italian Globe Artichoke is prized for its tasty, violet Artichokes at the tip of large flower spikes. Purple Italian Globe Artichoke. Globe artichokes are the familiar ones that we see at the stores. Green Globe and Purple Italian Globe are varieties that grow well in warm climates like Arizona.Plant artichoke seeds or transplants in November in Arizona, and allow them to grow through the winter to become well-rooted. This hardiness – and the beautiful purple buds it produces – makes it very popular with home growers and vegetable gardeners throughout the United States and the lower parts of Canada. $ 3.50. While buying, choose tightly packed chokes with green and purple leaves. This open-pollinated variety hails from Italy. Purple Italian Globe are tender and according to most culinary gurus, it tastes better than the green varieties. Purple Italian Artichoke is quite heat tolerant and grows well in the hotter parts of the country than the green variety. Baby Anzio Artichoke Artichoke Purple Italian Globe. Tender and succulent, these Purple Artichokes are said to be more tolerant to both heat and cold than most green strains. R 32.00.

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