This way it’s been washed and treated prior to you’re handling. To learn more about the Otherworldly Oracle’s website Privacy Policy, visit our Privacy Policy page here. But what about Spanish moss medicine? First thing to know is that old man's beard isn't a plant, at least not in the usual sense, but rather a lichen — two different organisms, an algae and a fungus, combining together to form something completely different. It's also finer in appearance, more hair-like than Spanish moss, and a little more unruly looking. And it was worn by women of higher nobility in certain tribes. Oracle Card Reading VIDEO (One Question: 5 Cards), Magical Advice: 1 Question Answered by a Real Witch! Usnic acid, sodium usniate, is both the key ingredient and the source of the problem. Therefore, Spanish moss magic properties include love, healing, and revenge/justice in the Hoodoo tradition. According to the Natives, Spanish moss was sometimes worn by mourners, typically women. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's PLANTS database lists about 120 species and subspecies living on the continent. According to Eat the Weeds, old man's beard is less acidic than other lichens but still needs to be soaked first. Find YOUR God And Goddess: PowerPoint Presentation. Old man's beard is more elastic than Spanish moss; pull it and it will stretch a bit. In Florida, there’s an old Native legend about how Spanish moss began. Spanish moss is linked to the element Air as its seeds are spread in the wind. Uses of old man's beard are primarily medical. It’s this intriguing plant that creates a unique Gothic, deep south landscape in many Southern movies and shows. Like almost all lichens, old man's beard is edible, if prepared correctly. Spanish moss not only has magical uses, it’s had many practical uses over the years. The problem is lichens are high in acid, and the key to making them palatable is to soak them in several changes of water to raise the pH before eating. Spanish moss, or Tillanda useoides, is another plant that has the nickname of old man's beard. Old man's beard and other usnea are members of Parmeliaceae, a large family of lichens. The Ultimate Guide to the Outdoors and Environment in Broward, Collier, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties. Her hair stayed in the tree and continued to grow, becoming what we call Spanish moss. Spanish moss can be used in: Please make sure to fully wash the moss as it is filled with red bugs or chigger bugs. The Spanish moss plant may take up properties of the oak and cypress trees they grow on, as well. Spanish moss actually isn’t a moss at all. Nasty smalls bugs that bite! The Natives would use the inner fiber to make blankets and clothing. They are often used as herbal remedies for humans as well as wildlife. Old Man's Beard, photographed at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, in December 2014. Spanish moss magic properties via Native legend include fertility, regeneration, growth, love and strength. Spanish moss has interesting origins, and has been used in American folk magic for centuries. It grows all over the world. People also refer to usnea as “Old Man’s Beard.” For starters, it is a lichen you can find in many parts of the world. Lichens are a symbiosis of alga and fungus, producing its own food via the chlorophyll in the alga. More recently, it's been touted as a weight control product, although there is evidence that it might cause liver damage. There was a Native Princess who fell in love with a Spanish soldier. The story is tragic – the Princess hangs herself by a tree when she realizes her father had her true love killed. Old man's beard is more elastic than Spanish moss; pull it and it will stretch a bit. Spanish Moss Magical Uses Spanish moss, also called Old Man’s Beard and Pele’s Hair, has many magical uses and properties. Old man's lichen also has sat on the traditional medicine shelf for thousands of years, used to control fevers, as an expectorant and as a remedy for bunch of other conditions. First, I don’t recommend collecting your Spanish moss yourself unless you plan to wash it with strong soaps or chemicals or bleach it. Spanish moss is commonly found hanging from the limbs of Southern live oaks and bald cypress trees. Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are property of the publishers and may not be used without their express permission. Usnea is not a parasite, like mistletoe can be, but is a lichen. It's has been used to dress wounds, and it is believed to have antibacterial and antiviral compounds. It’s a flowering plant in the bromeliad family found in tropical and subtropical regions of the U.S., Central and South America, and the Caribbean. It sucks in moisture from the air and nutrients from the environment itself (this is called epiphytic NOT parasitic). It's also finer in appearance, more hair-like than Spanish moss, and a little more unruly looking. In Hoodoo, Spanish moss is used in love AND revenge workings. You can purchase Spanish moss from craft stores (typically in the floral department) OR in dollar stores in the craft section. Chiggers and other small pests inhabit Spanish moss, particularly when it’s on the ground. It doesn’t feed off the trees. The green buds on the plant are edible, but not the plant itself. Most often it’s stuffed in doll babies (poppets) with other herbs and ingredients to either draw love or exact revenge. It is high in both carbohydrates and vitamin C. Bon appetit! Despite folks saying Spanish moss is a parasite, it’s not. Pull Spanish moss and it will break. Old man's beard is pale greenish-gray in color, and has long, hair-like strands, the source of their common names. It typically doesn’t kill the tree it lives on, but may grow so large it prevents the tree from acquiring necessary sunlight. The genus is in the family Parmeliaceae. Usnea is a genus of mostly pale grayish-green fruticose lichens that grow like leafless mini-shrubs or tassels anchored on bark or twigs. Pull Spanish moss and it will break. Her father, the chief, forbade her to see her true love.

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