Nurses who want to build their skill set by expanding on the theoretical an… With a few campuses including the Sacramento location, California State University, Sacramento offers a well-regarded nursing program. The Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing offers an RN degree with an LVN to RN option  Unique to the Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing is the Men in Nursing Program, which promotes and recruits men in the nursing program, then works towards male retention in nursing. They offer an LVN program, in addition to an ADN program. Glendale Community College offers an RN and an LVN to RN program. Both have identical nursing coursework, with the AA program requiring additional general education credits. San Jacinto Community College has campuses in San Jacinto, California and Menifee Valley, California. About the School of Nursing @ CSUSM: Cal State San Marcos began a two-year nursing program in 2006, in part as a means of alleviating the chronic shortage of nurses in North County and the greater San Diego region; the program was expanded to a four-year training curriculum in 2014. Since that time, over 2000 nurses have graduated from their nursing program. Nursing Programs. Their program offers an RN program, an LVN to RN option and an LVN 30 unit option. College of Marin is located in Kentfield, California. Los Angeles Harbor College is located in Wilmington, California. Their mission is to “…educate entry-level practitioners for roles as providers of care across the health care continuum, as managers of care, and as active members within the profession of nursing.”  Their program is small and exclusive – they select only 36 students each fall. Unique to Reedley College is the Madera College Advantage Program (MCCAP), which works to transition high school seniors into college life. !0:!1},queryStringVal:function(n){var t=new RegExp("[?&]"+n+"=([^&#]*)").exec(window.location.href);return t==null?null:decodeURIComponent(t[1])||""},hasQueryString:function(){return window.location.href!=null}},vueBugUtils={reCreate:function(n){var t=null,i=[],r=jQuery.parseHTML(jQuery(n).html());r&&(jQuery(r).each(function(n,r){i.push(r);jQuery(r).prop("tagName")==="OPTION"&&jQuery(r).attr("selected")&&(t=jQuery(r).val());jQuery(r).prop("tagName")==="OPTGROUP"&&jQuery(r).children().each(function(n,i){jQuery(i).attr("selected")&&(t=jQuery(i).val())})}),jQuery(n).empty(),jQuery(i).each(function(t,i){jQuery(n).append(i)}),jQuery(n).val(t))}},jQueryUtils={show:function(n){document.getElementById(n).style.display="block"},hide:function(n){document.getElementById(n).style.display="none"}},scriptUtils={loadScript:function(n){return jQuery(`script[src*='${n}']`).length>0?new Promise(function(n){n()}):new Promise(function(t,i){var r=document.createElement("script");r.async=!1;r.onload=t;r.onerror=i;r.src=n;r.type="text/javascript";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(r)})},sleep:function(n){const;let t=null;do;while(t-i
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