Still, the tone of the T-11A out of the box impresses most who buy it according to user feedback. Modern microphones—as good as they are—cannot reproduce the same sound. For recordists that don't yet have a large-diaphragm tube condenser, the Revelation II is an impressive microphone at a modest price point that can affordably beef up any mic locker. It’s exceptional because it’s super-reliable and punches high above its price tag. There’s a growing demand for tube condenser microphones, hence the increase in choices. Best of all is that audiophiles can swap the tube to customize its sound still further if they feel the need. It’s one of the company’s top-end flagship series mics with a custom design and exceptional sound. It uses a handpicked EF86 pentode tube and a dual, gold-sputtered 6-micron diaphragm. And the ambient noise rejection is impressive with the cardioid and Figure-8 patterns. That’s something reflected in the comments from those that buy this beauty. Versatile, Plexiglas window, 5 polar patterns, low self-noise, high-pass filters. Its recent tube mics—Genesis, the Genesis II, and Revelation—have aimed to compete with boutique mic manufacturers delivering “vintage” sounds, at not-quite-Neumann prices. My first test of the Revelation II was as an accent mic on a drum kit for a pop rock piano EP. After sweeping through patterns, I settled on omni, which permitted the room to bloom more while offering a sense of space to the guitar. It seems odd that older technology is making a comeback, but there are reasons for this. This pro-level tube microphone behaves exactly as promised. That’s invaluable as it gives the user fine-adjustment control over the cut-off frequency. Adjustable mic patterns can be some of the easiest stepping-stones between the sounds you get and the sounds you're trying to get – all at the simple twist of a knob. This placement can be very hi-hat heavy, so a mic with a crunchy high end can render the track useless if you aren't careful. MXL and Mogami are part of the same parent company, explaining how premium cables don't bump up the retail price. This mic comes with a metal shockmount. My first test of the Revelation II was as an accent mic on a drum kit for a pop rock piano EP. It is a small- diaphragm, end-firing microphone that was eventually replaced by the AT4041. Not all shock mounts are equal, but Mojave Audio is well-known for its high-end systems. That’s impressive, but it doesn’t stop there. Vintage sound, versatile, dedicated power supply, custom body design. The remaining products are by price order, lowest to high. Physically, the mic's silhouette is similar to a Neumann U 47fet while remaining distinctive unto itself with a dark violet and black chrome finish, plus a -10 dB pad located on the back of the body. Your email address will not be published. It’s a high-quality vacuum tube condenser microphone. Modifications are usually done by swapping the capsule and rebuilding the tube circuit. MXL’s Revelation tube studio mic comes with a remote power supply and variable pattern control. Rode NTK Premium Valve Tube Condenser Mic. A favorite feature is the 3 selectable polar patterns, i.e., cardioid, omnidirectional, and Figure-8. The penultimate pick goes to the Mojave Audio MA-200. And the power unit’s simple push-button controls allow for noiseless handling and simple operation. It’s fair to say that the style of this tube microphone won’t appeal to every taste. The proximity effect produces a truly intimate tone with lots of low-frequency. Anyone familiar with TAMA drum hardware will have the same reaction to learning that the respected drum maker is now selling mic stands: What took so long? These are buying considerations if you work with mics in front of monitors. The NTK Valve 1.0 is an award-winning large-diaphragm condenser valve microphone. Vacuum tube pre-amp, 32mm gold diaphragm, versatile. Consider the LCT 840 if it provides the tone you need for vocals or for miking musical instruments. I’m not only talking about the gradient polar pattern stages either. The MXL Revelation is heavy, and that’s fine as it reflects on the build quality. But I ran low and found that MDI PrecisionMotorWorks was able to reintroduce their "right stuff" cleaner. The included power supply unit gives users plenty of audio control and manipulation. There’s another sliding switch at the rear that controls the 7-step high-pass filter. This mic is a must-have audio tool for the serious studio. The mic’s heft is not a con as much as a caution, though. Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room... d:dicate ST2011A stereo cardioid mic kit, d:dicate MMC2006 omni mic capsule, d:dicate SBS0400 stereo boom, Jim Williams: Behind the Gear with Audio Upgrades, Restoring the "Holy Grail of Compressors": Behind the Scenes at the Vintage King Tech Shop, From WWII Planes to Stax Consoles: Behind the Gear with Bill Cheney & the History of Spectra Sonics, Rich Williams: Behind the Gear with Burl Audio. This mic has a solid all-metal, chrome-finished construction and comes with a metal shock mount. The MXL Revelation II is priced at $499, however it seems to show up and sell out quickly on Amazon.Make sure to check regularly for its availability.. I’m very excited to get one and try it for you but, unfortunately, due to the current world health situation, I’m not able to get one delivered to my location. Tube mics have a certain warmth to them with natural compression and enhanced harmonics. However, it could go down with a bang if mounted onto a boom stand that isn’t counter-weighted right. Clean tones remained dynamic, articulate, and punchy. Some artists may find it a tad gimmicky and incompatible with their approach, though. Rode NTK Premium Valve Tube Condenser Mic, 5. The main exception to this arrangement is some ribbon mics). This large-diaphragm, continuously variable pattern tube mic features top-shelf components: Internal Mogami cabling, a hand-selected EF86 Pentode tube, and a dual gold-sputtered 6-micron diaphragm. Points to note: Not every condenser mic uses tubes, but most tube microphones are condensers. Its Class-A valve circuitry gives this beauty its warm audible charm. The mic has a -10dB pad that prevents overloading the internal circuitry at the higher SPLs. Legendary acts like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and others all used tube mics in their heyday. But it’s still out of reach for some fans with a price tag of almost 1000 dollars—at the time of writing. Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to our newsletter to get interesting stories delivered to your inbox! It’s primarily a vocal microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern, but it also works for some instruments. As a long-term investment, though, it’s an incredibly reasonable tube mic for those who can afford it. I placed it at knee height, about six feet out and to the left of the rack tom (right-handed drummer's perspective). Let’s check this one out. It looks fantastic, oozes quality, and serves as a multi-purpose audio tool. Mojave Audio’s MA-200 is exceptional value, especially when compared against the Neumann U 87 Ai. It’s not a nostalgic thing, well, not entirely. Paired with a signature tone and the ability to sweep patterns, this mic was starting to sound like I could use it on anything. Even so, design is not something that detracts from its sound and performance. It can’t possibly compete with $8K+ product. It’s similar to the famous Neumann U 87 Ai but for a lot less money. It supplied a rich, focused sound while taming some of the screeching overdrive from the amp. The M149 has the equivalent to 9 polar modes, selectable by the sliding switch at the front of the mic. A modern tube microphone is based on the old condenser technology. My guide reviews 7 tube microphones that are in high demand. Tube mics are not a good choice for novice musicians, though. Neumann Switchable M149 Tube Microphone. Even so, with C-12 type modifications, it’s a no-brainer for anyone on a budget. It shines for speech as it does vocals, and works well with guitars or to mike drums. There’s no right or wrong here. The dedicated power supply also takes up a little more desk space. 3D Insider publishes news, tutorials, and reviews about the latest emerging tech. The classic tone produced by the LCT-840 is typical of most tube mics. It’s an excellent introduction to tube mics for those getting into warm vintage audio.

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