Poor Man's Beef Farm . first the chickens in the farm lay eggs, they are sent to the dispenser through hoppers and the eggs are thrown which results in breaking them and hatching a baby chicken XD, they're 1/2 blocks high so the lava wont damage them. How it works is the chickens they will start to lay eggs and when they eggs fall into the hopper and the eggs will be transported into the chest that way you never lose eggs from your egg farm. When they grow up after some time they grow to 1 block height, then they are cooked and sent to the chest via the hopper Picture 8 is when I have manually put eggs in the dispenser showing its working. Thanks. What you will need. This chicken Farm Makes over 2000 Items Per Hour or 300 cooked chicken per Hour! This farm utilises water currents and fall damage to kill cows for beef. Picture 10 shows that grilled chicken and feathers are collected by the hopper … Function. All of the feathers and chicken that they dropped gets sucked up by the hopper under the slab and deposited into the chest below the hopper. I manually place the eggs in the dispenser which are then automatically fired across the room by a redstone pulser...the eggs break and I get new chickens to kill and gather the meat & feathers. Automatic Chicken Farm & Sorting System: This farm kills your chickens & cooks the meat and then collects it all and sorts the cooked chicken from the feathers and puts the in there own chest. Improved Chicken Farm Tutorial. An easy and simple way to farm raw beef. I hope you all enjoy this instructable and enjoy my others as well if you like this please vote. Picture 9 is the front, after ive manually put eggs in, showing chickens spawn as intended. All 3 hoppers are full. The sorting system idea came from youtube and I put it together with a chicken cooker farm id… This chicken farm will collect the eggs automatically, and put them in a chest for you, so you don't have to keep going back every 5 minutes. I have a chicken farm where the chickens lay eggs which are then dropped into a room below where I have a dispenser set up.

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