Rotatable towel rack with optional number of arms. Thanks to its clean design our most popular coat and hat rack. - Can be used for openings for smoke exhaust; D+H Euro SHEV in accordance with EN 12101-2; and for daily ventilation [7]<br><br></p><p><strong>Flexible Audio Outputs<br></strong>The switched audio signal is routed to the HDMI output as well as to a separate balanced analog audio output, with individual level adjustments provided for each output. Unit is supplied ready for immediate use and requires no special plumbing. TS-1542 Signature Series The SRW18US SmartRack 18U Low-Profile Switch-Depth Wall-Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet is designed to house EIA-standard 19-inch rack equipment in network wiring closets, retail locations, classrooms, back offices and other areas with limited floor space where you need equipment to be secure, organized and out of the way. The DM-DGE-200-C uses Smart Graphics to deliver the ultimate user experience and the ultimate value by enabling the creation of dynamically rich user interfaces with incredible efficiency and unparalleled functionality. Hat shelf with partitions. - Environmental Product Declaration, Rack and Pinion closer (EPD-ASA-20150278-IAB1-EN) 10. As part of a complete managed network in a corporate enterprise, college campus, convention center, or any other facility, the PRO3 works integrally with Crestron Fusion Cloud to enable remote scheduling, monitoring, and control of rooms and technology from a central help desk. Used to display publications in offices, lobbies, and waiting areas. It accepts any input resolution, from standard definition NTSC 480i to ultra high-definition DCI 4K, and scales it perfectly to match the native resolution of any screen up to DCI 4K (4096 x 2160). Using DM NVX encoder/decoders, Crestron® offers the industry’s most versatile and scalable solution for distributing 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over an IP network. DM 8G+ is compatible with HDBaseT Alliance specifications for connecting to HDBaseT compliant equipment. The shelves and other metal parts are available powder coated in Hylltekniks colours: T1-white, T2-grey, T3-dark grey , T4-black, T5-metallic paint, T. Rack used to hold network components such as servers, switches, hubs, patch panels, router, etc. Tripp Lite’s SmartRack 24U Mid-Depth Rack Enclosure Cabinet is packed with features designed to simplify rack equipment installations and rack equipment maintenance: top and bottom cable routing ports, perforated front and rear doors and solid side panels promote efficient airflow, adjustable vertical mounting rails and more. Other unit sizes and accessories (variety of hot packs, tongs, side table rack, etc.) This is a wall unit which holds aprons and gloves. Floor standing hat / coat rack. Boot storage with drying rack. <ul><li>Clothing Locker The integrated socket is reinforced. The hoops can be attached to a base plate, a single bar, a double-sided rack, or secured to a purpose-built structure for a decorative effect. From the amalgamation of circular and squared forms comes the versatility and functionality of all its elements. Built-in PinPoint UX technology works with Crestron Fusion Cloud and the PinPoint app to provide an intelligent meeting space that greets attendees with useful on-screen information and facilitates BYOD presentation without the need for a touch screen, button panel, or remote. The locker can be delivered with either flat or sloping ceilings. Note: PinPoint UX may be used without Crestron Fusion Cloud to provide a simple standalone meeting room presentation solution with customizable welcome screen and automatic operation. AirMedia support in the DMPS3-4K-250-C includes the same essential functionality as the AM-101 AirMedia Presentation Gateway with the exclusion of quad view, moderator mode, and remote view.<br>2. A comprehensive collection of accessories with a timeless and elegant design. The PC-300 includes the following power conditioning features:<br><ul><li><strong>Surge Protection</strong> &mdash; Provides protection against surges and spikes in the AC power line caused by lightning and other electrical disturbances</li><li><strong>Under/Over Voltage Cutoff</strong> &mdash; Shuts off power to the rear panel outlets if the line voltage strays beyond the normal operating range, which is adjustable on the PC-300</li><li><strong>Thermal Breaker</strong> &mdash; Disrupts power to all outlets in case of an overload condition</li><li><strong>EMI/RFI Noise Filtering</strong> &mdash; Prevents electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that can negatively impact sound and video quality</li><li><strong>Wiring Fault Detection</strong> &mdash; Detects faulty wiring of the incoming AC power line and shuts off power to the rear panel outlets until the fault is corrected [3]</li></ul>

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