15-30 mins. Did you have a lot of questions where you didn't optimize at all and that was OK? ~100 problems (mostly easy, some medium) to get multiple offers. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. I did like 40 or so questions and thought I spend a lot of time prepping and was able to pass my interview. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I like the HackerRank UI better but I believe leetcode is superior in terms of content. Discuss interview prep strategies and leetcode questions I did a big n interview yesterday. Honestly, interviewing is not as hard as a lot of people make it sound. I'd look at the solutions after an hour or so of being stuck. 186, started 2 months ago preparing for a Google internship interview. Just in the order they were published or should I start with the easy ones and then move on to medium/hard? Are these actual questions being asked in Google interviews Are these recent questions? So would you say the questions were pretty similar to the google onsite questions? Optimization, think DP. I specifically went through the Google list on the following page (mostly a random selection, I didn't go through them in order), but ignored the paid questions. Be confident, always explain what you're thinking, and make them like you. How were you able to nail Leetcode medium-hards in interviews if you only practiced "mostly easy, some medium" ? Generating a brute-force solver that takes O(n!) Doesn't have to be specific, and I just want to compare to the one a friend of mine had when he interviewed a few years ago. Google interview questions implementation. Minimum # of steps, think BFS. After what time of not making progress do you look up the solution for hard questions? Do you guys use the free questions or pay for premium too? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I was working on one of the problems marked "hard", and after about an hour blew it off because I couldn't figure it out. I did 183 and got a FB offer; my friend did 290 to get Palantir. do you tell them you've seen the problems or do you pretend that you've never seen it? Hopefully it will help somebody to better prepare for the interviews at places like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others: Link: https://interviews.school/ Here is … It seems like everyone who answers this question feels the same way about preparing for Google interviews using leetcode. I got pretty annoyed by that after a while so I stopped using HackerRank. I answered over 160 problems over the course of a few months. If you have free time, I would suggest doing at least one a week if not one a day. Deadline exists, but you don’t get punished if you miss them, even during stressful times. When I first started out, I found even the ‘Easy’ questions hard to pass in the first attempt. self-taught DS&A). Hi r/leetcode. How I cleared Google interview - from solving 0 to 200 Leetcode Questions Published on May 25, 2020 May 25, 2020 • 1,743 Likes • 96 Comments I ended up getting that exact problem as an interview question later that day. :). self-taught DS&A). I tried my hand at this one and failed miserably. At the time, you see the question for the first time and solve it with interviewer instead of memorizing things. I have plenty of real world software experience, but hadn't studied DS&A recently (and when I did, it wasn't formal study - i.e. Be sure to clarify the interview plan with your recruiter, as I see OP didn't have system design questions. Obviously, I have the usual data structures, search, sort algorithms accounted for (How to implement + Common algos on Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, BSTs, Graphs). Leetcode preparation phase. I'd (probably) pass internship interviews (I've solved the ones that I had years ago with G internship interviews), but no way could I pass 3-5 difficult onsite white boarding interviews of Leetcode medium-hard. I liked how you broke down problems to just one line - pattern to look for, and algorithm to use. Press J to jump to the feed. Were you able to crack interviews with that kinda knowledge? ;). Absolutely. Does it noticeably help for the Google kind of algorithm interviews? I am definitely starting to recognize a lot of patterns (for easy-mediums I can usually pinpoint what kind of solution is needed), but I still have difficulty solving mediums, especially with optimization, and the hards just stump me. I'm curious to see if, after doing a lot of practice, these interviews just become routine or if even those with a lot of experience still get unfamiliar questions. You just need to do enough to spot the patterns. I guess if someone that interviews me looks at my GitHub account they'd avoid asking the problems I've already solved. E.g. I see there are several post from you about google interview questions, how are you attending so many interviews? ~100 problems (mostly easy, some medium) to get multiple offers. First one included a relatively simple algorithm problem with n log n or const amortized time solution. Also, I feel like the Moderate and maybe some Advanced ones are probably closest to interview-caliber questions. (if possible) i prefer to see current / recent interview questions experiences if possible with location details I noticed you said a few, such as using binary search for searching, BFS for minimum number of steps, etc. Now days despite I am pretty senior now, I am going against people who did 500+ hard questions. I understand that there is a huge YMMV with this, as people all have different backgrounds with algorithms, but I feel as if I may be preparing wrong. Nope, you can just tell them you've seen a … I did around 80, attempted a few more unsuccessfully, and had no issues passing a Google interview. I am an ex-Google software engineer, and I wrote down almost everything I know about interview preparation, and launched a small website. over how long of a period of time did you do the ~200 problems? I feel like Difficult and Expert ones just take too long to do in an interview setting and Easy ones are, well, easy. 186, started 2 months ago preparing for a Google internship interview, Yup, both my interview questions were a variation of a leetcode question, If you want to practice a specific skill, then pick that topic and sort by acceptance rate. I work on a CRUD application every day, so most of the code I write is more manipulating data structures, which then becomes using libraries we've already developed for doing that kind of thing. Cause I'm looking at questions on careercup and they seem hard... Have noticed any difference between leetcode and hackerrank as far as quality goes? Cookies help us deliver our Services. On HackerRank you have to parse STDIN yourself for every single problem. A search in a sorted collection, think binary search. Do hard only if you're interested. I know that there is premium which gives you company specific questions but I only plan on buying that if I end up getting an interview with any of those companies. How accurate would you say the problem list is to an actual Google interview? I'd go easy -> medium. In what order should I do the problems? Do you get interview offers by doing programming exercises on that website? I just started with LeetCode and it seems pretty fun but I got some questions: How many problems have you solved and for how long have you been doing it? I find it more uninteresting than difficult. You don't have to get the optimal solution to every problem. Week later I did my phone interview, and I think I was very lucky with questions. and after about an hour blew it off because I couldn't figure it out, I hope you atleast looked up the solution so you were able to ace that interview :P. I think in the beginning I think it gives a very good idea what kind of problems you might see in interviews. YMMV, I know people who did close to 0 and are still fine. Here’s what happening: 1) lots of people are doing leetcode and hence the bar for making errors has gone dramatically high. Haven't interviewed at any of the other Big-N recently (none in my area). I have ~100 questions done (4 Hard, 25 medium), and I highly doubt I'd pass BigN interviews right now. There are all kinds of extremes to this answer, there are people who have solved more than 500 questions and weren’t lucky to clear the interview. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.learn4master.com/interview-questions/leetcode/leetcode-problems-classified-by-company. I don't think it would be feasible to go through all of them this summer. Have a Google onsite coming up in two weeks or so, and was wondering if anyone had a master list of questions that cover most of the things that Google tests for. Leetcode isn’t the issue here.

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