Great amps, less-than-great. Koch is an internationally renowned brand known for incomparably pro sound reproduction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I recall paying a little under 3k for it a few years ago, but I couldn't really tell what the fair market price was because I couldn't find any others for sale. He's playing a late '60s Hofner 4600, neck position (these typically have underwound humbucking pickups): I really dig the sound of that guitar. Great cleans, a very usable gain channel, nice reverb and sounds great at low volumes. Everything about it is elegant, understated. The main difference between the 20 and 45 watt version seems to be the contour switch. Thanks for the kind words. Using Koch's ATR (Authentic Tube Response) technology, the rest of the solid-state circuit simulates the feel of a full-fledged tube amp. You need a device to translate that specialized Roland signal into a midi signal. I've used the Jupiter, Studiotone head and combo, Studiotone XL head and combo, Twintone II combo, Twintone III head, SE-6 and SE-12 combos, and 2x12 and 4x12 cabs. Copyright © 2020 - Jazz Guitar Online - All rights reserved - Privacy Policy. The overdrive (hot) features a Boost which gives the Jupiter Jr. three channels. 12" Tornado Classic 100 | Jensen Loudspeakers, The Trenier “ Georgian “ serial number 150, Christiaan Van Hemert once again championing "No Theory". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk, Citizen74, This unique tone classic features independent volume and gain controls for both the Clean (Cool) and overdrive (Hot) channels. And I could drink it in all day! There are quite a few Classic SE's available used in Italy, so I might have a look. It just so happens that they are in relatively small, light, portable boxes. And how big are the differences between the smaller (jupiter20 & se6) and bigger models (jupiter45 & se12), is it just the power, or also quality of sound? Don't know anything about that amp, but Koch amps seem to have a very good reputation in general. Of course it's a stunner, but man I bet its sound will blow your mind. Driven by two 12AX7 tubes, split between the power amp and pre-amp sections, the Jupiter Junior is a flexible hybrid amplifier. Nothing less than superb! Their new "The Greg" (Greg Koch signature amp) I want very badly; I think it would be the perfect do-all gigging amp (not for jazz, for everything else). There are two channels, "COOL", and "HOT", which has a gain boost. The power amp and pre-amp circuits are hybrid tube / transistor with two 12AX7. Could you do a gig with a drummer with the smaller ones? Did it ever bother you that the Classic SE only has the single tone knob, or did the two bass/mid swithces have a large enough effect on the tone? The SE-6 toggles between 6 and 2 watts, and the SE-12 toggles between 12 and 4 watts. A nice option in my opinion, but how is the 20 watt version voiced? I can demo the jupiter 45 nearby, which i will do this week. Thank you ! Theses books are sold. Originally, they both came in the same teeny box. Even down to the fade on the headstock. The inspiration for the headstock came from some of these pics I sent to Bryant - architectural windows, with black backdrop, and bellflower inlays. Great for practice, great for recording. The Koch Jupiter Jr. is a 20 Watt boutique, vintage-style combo guitar amp, that is equally at home in live, recording or rehearsal sessions. Then Koch decided to put the bigger one in a bigger box, even though the amp guts are the same size. Haven't played the 20W one, but the Jupiter 45 is an excellent amp that I would happily recommend. Jupiter is an amp that provides power adjustable from 0-45 watts through its Dimmer technology. The Koch Jupiter series are hybrid amps, with solid-state power sections (modified with Koch "ATR" tech, that uses a 12ax7), to get the power section of the amp to work in a tube-like way), and some tube functionality in their preamp sections (12ax7 preamp tube). I only sold it because someone really wanted it and showered me with an appropriate pile of money. Driven by two 12AX7 tubes, split between the power amp and pre-amp sections, the Jupiter Junior is a flexible hybrid amplifier. I specifically got the SE-6 for blues jam sessions because it's so easy to throw in the car. What the heck is happening to the guitar cases? Congrats! jupiter20/se6" and "bigger jupiter45 & se12", since I would not use either SE model on a gig except a blues gig where distortion would be appropriate, or a very quiet solo/duo jazz gig. What would you say are the main differences between the Jupiters and the Classic SE's? 20W Hybrid ATR amplifier (ATR = Authentic Tube Response), Three foot-switchable channels: Cool (clean), Hot (overdrive) and Hot Gain Boost, Volume control for the Cool channel and separate Gain and Volume controls for the Hot channel, Passive Bass-Mid-Treble tone controls for both channels, Spring emulated reverb with Volume control, Dimmer for continuous control of the output power between 0W and 20W, Recording output with passive speaker emulation filter, Speaker on/off switch for silent recording. I really like the classic se 6, but i can't really demo one somewhere (except ordering one and sending it back, which i don't like doing). Somewhere in between? This was all Bryants design and he went beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks to the buyers... Ive seen them posted for over 3k, and then disappear... so assuming they sold! the SE-12 can be powered with a 6L6/5881 or an EL34. Bryant and I have become close friends over the years and he really took care of... Oh my God Steve, that’s incredible. I always think about collaborating but I’ve only done it maybe once over the internet. In the same kind of space as a Fender Champ, but with a 12" speaker, a few neat and useful features (can drive an exterior cab at 4/8/16 ohms; three very useful tone mini-switches, tone control, master volume, recording out). I guess so, but this is the first time i tried that. Totally different amps, different design, different purposes. They make great amps. This was the last batch of books I will sell until after the holidays (Waiting in line at the post office doesn't sound smart in times of Covid-19!) They remind me of simpler (and much less expensive) versions of the original Carr Mercury (a Class A amp that toggles between 8, 2, 1/2 and 1/10 watt). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Ibanez GB100 2 more vids, then I promise I’ll go away.. Japanese 175 type - is there something off. This one is a nice demo of the clean sound of the Jupiter 45 head/Koch 1x12" cab by Rory Ronde. The SE-6 can be powered with a 6V6 or an EL84 power tube for different sounds. It really came out awesome . Is that a vintage Verythin? Before i was in need of a good OD, so i wouldn't sacrifice that in order to get a second clean channel. The 13-pin jack on the guitar sends audio, via a proprietary Roland cable. The idea was to make a simple amp with a fairly direct line between the input jack and the speaker. It looks like one of the 4 seasons guitars! :cool: Any ideas about what an Epiphone Elitist Byrdland in excellent condition with no issues would go for these days? Thanks Joe ! The Koch Jupiter Junior is a 20 Watt boutique, vintage style combo amp based on his bigger brother the "Jupiter 45".

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