Sports Headphones Group Test: Sony MDR-AS400EX Review. 5 STAR REVIEW – WHAT HI-FI? KEF's monitor speaker have an amazing stability to the sound and certainly has floorstander qualities - for a compact speaker with a 5.25 inch driver, this is more than remarkable. The fairly compact monitor reached quite deep down into the bass frequencies, and easily reached our upper measurement limit at about 25,000 hertz. Perfect conditions to minimize discoloration in the midrange and allow the Uni-Q driver to play freely and openly at all frequencies. LS50 Meta may look sensational, but as a high-performance loudspeaker every aspect of its design is a case of form following function. Thanks, KEF. Add to that a good deal of brain power and sophisticated design solutions. In Europe you can buy and audition them via their dealers. Min. Just got my pair delivered by UPS an hour ago. Eventual occurring residual resonances is kept inside the cabinet as the internal structure is separated from the outer structure by using insulation on critical parts of the cabinet. A truly revolutionary tool in the KEF acoustic armoury, Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) is a highly complex maze-like structure that absorbs 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the driver, eliminating the resulting distortion and providing purer, more natural sound. Bookshelf Speakers. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Although the frequency response is generally slightly uneven, overall everything was very well balanced and without any disturbing dips or peaks. BW 606 has a frequency range of 52-28k Hz whereas LS50 has a frequency range of 79-28k Hz. Low Frequency. The waterfall diagram shows the excellent decay and the THD chart confirmed the good-natured distortion behavior of the speaker. The flexible port helps to eliminate long-stroke resonances that would otherwise cause discoloration in the midrange. … Resonances are subdued by very effective bracing and stiffening of the cabinet. Designed around the Uni-Q 12th Generation with Metamaterial Absorption Technology driver array, this solid, compact loudspeaker is capable of delivering detailed sound anywhere in the room. KEF LS50 pairs accuracy with enthusiasm - they are the ideal speakers to make any type of music into an event. AWARDS 2020 - 'PRODUCT OF THE YEAR'. In order to appreciate the Big 50, the KEF engineers created a very special speaker called LS50, whose concept was influenced by the legendary BBC studio monitor, the LS3/5a. The result is cleaner, more precise sound. **, Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news, updates, free stuff and new releases by email. KEF has dropped the crossover between the tweeter and midrange to 2.1kHz and there are some other detail tweaks but the idea is that there wasn’t a huge amount wrong with the physics of the original LS50 and that the basic rightness continues as before. Subwoofer Crossover für KEF LS50 +A-A: Autor. Frequency Response. The result of such meticulous attention to detail is the lowest coloration of any speaker in its class. Stretch to the likes of the Award-winning and larger three-way KEF R3s (£1300, $2000, AU$3625) and you’ll get notably more in the way of low-frequency reach and punch. The signal will get attenuated to -6dB for both at the crossover point. The KEF LS50 gave their best in our 'Measurement Lab'. High and mid frequencies are filtered at about 2,200 hertz, and the minimum impedance is, according to KEF, at 3.2 Ohms. The LS50W’s have much deeper bass extension. KEF LS50 - speakers overview and full product specs on CNET. Great loudspeakers disappear, leaving just the music. Although the frequency response is generally slightly uneven, overall everything was very well balanced and without any disturbing dips or peaks. Great loudspeakers disappear, leaving just the music. Add to that no visible screws in the curved baffle as icing on the cake. The LS50 bookshelf speaker is a completely new design, with technical similarities to the current KEF Blade flagship floorstander. KEF monitors inspire with their plasticity, spatial acuity and their firm and clean sound image with excellent detail resolution. Having said that the original Ls50 crossover is nothing flash as always in even most moderate quality speakers use less than absolute quality parts, e.g. The 0-, 15- and 30-degree measurement showed a more or less straight line, which impressively demonstrate its phenomenal omnidirectional characteristics.

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