Especially if your goal is to become fluent, fluency, and even picking up French could take awhile depending on these factors: Follow these easy steps to pick up French in a quick and easy manner. Get a subscription to a library of online courses and digital learning tools for your organization with Udemy for Business. French is the second most learned foreign language in the world after English, and over 200 million people today speak French; making it a popular and desirable second language choice. What most English speakers miss when they first start to learn French is …, News collects all the stories you want to read, study by the US Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, 8 Top French Apps to Learn French For Busy People On-The-Go, How to Order Food in French at Restaurants Like a Native Speaker, Top 5 Easiest Ways to Learn French For English Speakers, Group I: Spanish, French, Portuguese, among others, Group IV: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Think again. You have to find what being ‘good enough’ is for you. Intermediate (A2-B1):  A person who is intermediate in their French is able to construct various phrases and statements that deal with: time, weather, location, desire, and dislike. You can probably get through the basic courses (high school 1 - 4, basic vocabulary, and a good base of grammar) in about a year of working a couple of hours a week. When learning a new language motivation is a huge factor. For example, if your goal is to learn to speak French at an advanced level in just one month by studying only two hours per week, that’s not a realistic expectation. Bonjour! For example, someone who spends an hour a day will learn more than someone who commits to only an hour a week. If you stick to this, in 90 days you will already know about 80% of the French language. Everyone needs to start somewhere. All of this will be dependent on the type of learning style that works best for you. When it comes to learning anything new, especially a language, the speed, time, and proficiency that a person will pick up a language will vary. The point is, you have to learn by speaking, making mistakes, and taking action. Let’s dive in. While you certainly won't master it in three months, especially if you can only put a few hours a week into it, if you want to have your initial plan of action here’s how I’d suggest you learn French. Think you're too busy to learn French this year? Also, listen to things in French. When you analyze the best secrets from polyglots and learning experts, this is what their approach boils down to. However, to get a better idea of the time it can take someone to learn French; you can consult a French fluency scale. They can also easily construct sentences and use different tenses, such as past, present, and future in the speaking. Or perhaps you're trying to impress your date when you take them to a French …, Who says learning French needs to be complicated? Now this doesn’t mean you have to pack your belongings and move to a foreign country. Create an online video course, reach students across the globe, and earn money. Photoshop vs Illustrator: Which Work Best for You? Step 4: To better familiarize and immerse yourself in the language, start reading and writing in French. For some it’s being natively fluent. While there’s no specific answer to address that question, we can provide frameworks to help you arrive at your own answer. B2 is a higher, intermediate skill level. It’s likely that you will have to double these hours for personal study, practice, and review times. If there’s one thing to take away from this article, please take away this. They can speak vibrantly, express themselves easily, and have no problem navigating through conversation, texts, and writing in French. We’ve shared above that there’s no one answer to determine how long it will take you learn French. Younger children tend to learn new languages faster and easier than older people or those who have already completed their education. While some are confident that it’s 480 hours, others state that it’s 2,200 hours. You can study all the different ways to become the best public speaker, but all of that goes out the door when you’re in front of a thousand person crowd.

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