Jute sacking bags are mainly used for packing cement, sands, agro products, sugar, and other bulky items. Zipper closure, can be used for grocery shopping, and is easy to maintain. The jute bags have different names in different countries and their quality, make as well as design also differs from one place to next. Mist Yoga Print Jute Shopping Bag Eco-Friendly Bag Perhaps you should try our line of eco-friendly jute shopping bags made from natural hemp plant fiber instead! Jute fabrics are excellent raw materials for jute bags. Our jute shopping bag with a matching rope handle features a rope handle, and a clear laminated bag interior. The bags made of jute are considered the best among them. Aside from the fact that jute is eco-friendly, durable and flexible. There are a lot of uses of a Jute Bag. Made from premium quality jute, this bag is value for money. These bags are ideal for transporting bulk food items like – onion, potatoes, flour rice, and fertilizers. The use of jute bags is increasingly becoming a favored promotional material concept such as shopping bags made of jute material. Customers like it that they can actually re-use their jute bags for other purposes. These bags are extremely durable, and can easily provide an organic look for your products. Not sure whether you should go with plastic bags or paper bags for your retail store?

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