Believe it or not, over thirty people dropped that class (there were only nine of us left at the end). I miraculously came out with a B, but it was pretty difficult for me. Every … ), with WileyPLUS access, and Minitab Express are the required materials for this course. If you put in the work you should do fine. Online flashcards from can help reinforce concepts to prep you for your next statistics quiz or test. Often when I tell people I’m a statistician, they roll their eyes and tell me that statistics in college was hard for them to learn. I am currently planning on taking an Introduction to Statistics next Fall, but I just found out that there is an online option. The first part of the semester was simple, probablity type … At the start of class, links will be made available to the digital materials which can be purchased online… I suspect a lot of that is due to the quality of teachers they had. Step Five: Relax! How would it compare to College Algebra or College Trigonometry? I want to make sure I do not take an online class that is really hard… My question is if Introduction to Statistics is hard or not? The online study looked at more than 600 students who were randomly assigned to introductory statistics classes at six different university campuses. Half took an online stats class developed by … 4 years ago. I actually didn't even need to take the final to get an A, but that's because statistics … I … I took statistics online and wouldn't recommend going that route! I took statistics with a professor that is pretty well known on my campus for being difficult. Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data (2nd ed.

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