Although gene therapy has a potential for treating several ailments and improving life, this is a relatively new technique and involve several safety concerns thus it should be carefully embraced. Gene therapy is mostly based on technology and our ability to identify, modify and alter specific genes. One of the greatest hindrance to the advancement of gene therapy is the opposition on the basis that it can open room for unethical science which may be demeaning to the human race. ICC Property Management Is An Industry Leader In Cleanliness And Maintenance. This can be applied to plants as well as animals. Some of them are listed below: Here are some of the pros or advantages of gene augmentation therapy: Rare genetic disorders today affect about 10% of the population in general. Individual patient and family are pessimistic as efforts to change the condition by traversing through different levels of healthcare are always thwarted since no cure exists for such situations. Manipulation of the genetic makeup of man is absolutely unacceptable to persons with strong convictions and religious beliefs. Why is Bioinformatics important in Genetic Research? Gene therapy can provide a chance of treatment of even those diseases that currently don’t have a treatment protocol. What is Gene Annotation in Bioinformatics. In simple words, this therapy involves the substitution of defective genes in a cell with genetically altered genes. It is the only ray of light for those who are suffering from the disease having no cure at all with medications except alternation of genes. This is a new research area, and much research projects are still in the infancy or trial stages; however, expectations are high, and we would potentially do away with. soon enough. Superb as it may look, gene therapy may be short-lived. These disorders can only be managed with the help of significant changes in lifestyle and with some aid from medications. Individual patient and family are pessimistic as efforts to change the condition by traversing through different levels of healthcare are always thwarted since no cure exists for such situations. But there are so many aspects of this technology that lead to serious ethical questions. They are made of triplets of nitrogenous bases that code for amino acids. Gene therapy intent to correct such birth defects responsible for more than half of infant mortality is laudable. Gene Therapy Pros and Cons: Gene therapy is involved in the replacement of a defective gene within a cell’s nucleus with the genetically healthy and functional gene. However, anything can happen, and gene therapy can fail to work thus limit your capabilities or even worsen the condition. Conditions that may make life unlimited such as infertility are also accounted for, and it is projected that soon enough gene therapy should activate reproductive genes and allow you to have children. Even if other cons are ignored of this therapy, gene therapy is a costly treatment option of an ordinary man. Nature is unpredictable, and sometimes it may take its course for the worse. Genetically disordered persons live a very miserable life, and most of them cannot make up for long so gene therapy can help them to live a healthy and long life. The thoughts that gene therapy creates a “perfected human” has been very controversial. Better blood flow, muscle mass, and so many related benefits yielded with the help of this therapy can entirely change the prospects of treatment and prevention. When specific changes are made in genes for curing a problem, then overall lifespan can be improved of a person’s life. Genetic defect occur even after thorough screening and many people have their lives compromised or limited by such disorders. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How wondrous can it be if a future risk of the cardiovascular disorder can be treated not by statins but by gene therapy that will boost a person’s own natural biological processes?

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