What does that mean for his machinations? Let them fight! At the tree, the reunion between Bran and Arya goes more smoothly for the simple fact that Bran is even more damaged—at least on an interpersonal level—than Arya. The thing about dragons is they might eat you. It’s like, I get you think you’re a badass but I now consider you a moron because you’ve said something so ridiculous and I wonder if that scorn is also partly on the writers or if I’m meant to think this of the Dothraki because the writing these days, it is not GRRM backed. Completing his journey toward faintly dick-ish superhero sage, Bran has had a wheelchair made for him by Winterfell’s new maester. He has long been proud of his geek credentials. She doesn't fly her dragons to King's Landing, at least. It's one hell of a cliff-hanger, but I can't believe the Kingslayer goes down because of some idiotic attempt on Dany's life. This Game of Thrones review contains spoilers.Ye be warned. For while Cersei is spiking the football before halftime, things are taking an interesting turn on Dragonstone. "There's no time for that," Jon tells Davos, but he doesn't deny using his powers of the male gaze on her. Welcome to another season of Game Of Thrones reviews for those who have not read the books the series is based on. All these hopes and fears were delivered in “Spoils,” and each answer intentionally did not come how many viewers—including this one—imagined. Words he spoke in private to Varys way back in Season 1 Season 3. It’s a bravely asinine move that Tyrion helps the audience understand by adding the colorful commentary of “you fucking idiot.”. Methinks they’re getting ahead of themselves, albeit Gatiss is aware of this. Speaking of Sam, we didn't see anything from him this week. … But that won’t happen. I guess him traveling half a world and being a good and moral adviser isn't enough for Dany---failure is just not acceptable. ... episode of the season (newbies) Brandon Nowalk. And honestly, Bronn and/or Jaime should be dust in the wind if the show had kept the merciless streak of George R.R. It’s slaughter on a level completely incomprehensible to medieval standards of warfare, and it makes Drogon slightly less cuddly. Has he made a mistake backing a Targaryen? “The Spoils of War” was surely a feast. This post discusses the events of the Aug. 6 episode of “Game of Thrones” in detail. The Lannisters all in their deep scarlet, lined up for the slaughter. So many times in her life she has been denied the chance at a family reunion. Their secrets and personal losses are so great that they instantly would appear to bond in their melancholy. The fall breaks them. This means Cersei will be able to repay the Iron Bank and the Lannisters will get to keep using their unofficial slogan. You may opt-out by. Nevertheless, a new chess piece has been placed on his board, one that presents an opportunity for Baelish to make new power moves. Chaos is a ladder. Theon looks Reekish in response. Your family you mean,” she sneers. Yet now she is a person who won’t take no for an answer. I loved when Brienne asked who taught her to fight like that and Arya said "No one." Honestly, the attempt at humor falls on its face here and is doubly misplaced when one recalls that they apparently ushered off-screen Bran Stark into Winterfell without hesitation, and he was presumed to be just as dead as Arya. The likelihood of being prepared for winter seems remote, yet here they are still fighting. Aye, I’d even wager to say the only place she has looked comfortable in during recent seasons has been among the faces of the dead in the House of Black and White. Remember, the Dragonglass is for the Night King and White Walkers, not the Wights they command. I guess it takes Theon an incredibly long time to return the short distance from where his fleet was ambushed, but nevermind all that. Sansa is hard to read in this moment. My bad. He tells him that the only reason he hasn't killed him already is what he did for Sansa. I suppose his tactic of not wearing armor has saved him yet again. I admit, I may be biased. Slowly but surely, the lines of the endgame are taking firmer shape. Even so, he is still a Lannister. I want people to ask him more questions! Sorry, it's just not acceptable. Jaime rides with a victorious Lannister army through the Reach, ready to use all of the now dearly departed Tyrell gold to pay off their debts to the Iron Bank. Let's talk about it in the comments and on Twitter and Facebook. Rickon and Robb are dead, as are Eddard and Catelyn, but three Stark children remain, and that's quite a bit better than many other noble families of Westeros (Tyrells, RIP.). He departs by calling Bran “Lord Stark,” and Bran reveals he isn’t Lord Stark. Earlier, Sansa believed Arya was just joking about having a kill list, but almost like a concerned parent who heard that her child has joined a “gang,” Sansa starts to show concern.

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