!. Too much rain in this state and the game tends to spread out. Ring-necked ducks can be found throughout Florida, especially in waterways with hydrilla. Goodwin WMA, access to Upper St. Johns WMA is off the same access road and holds vast duck hunting potential for those willing to explore. Located near Fellsmere, T.M. The T.M. The outfitter showed us a great time and fulfilled our needs with the ducks we wanted to harvest, mainly the Mottled Duck. Duck Hunting in Florida has been a long standing tradition and now you can enjoy some fast shooting action with Osceola Outdoors. 1 scaup from Nov. 21-29 and Dec. 12 – Jan. 11, 2 scaup from Jan. 12-31. The cost of a license is as follows: This is the only place in the world where all three species are available. Draft Rule Changes for Restricted Hunting Areas. Many Florida duck hunters are aware that mallards breed with Florida mottled ducks and produce hybrid offspring, but do you know how hybrids fit into the daily bag limit? Get the Top Stories from Florida Sportsman Delivered to Your Inbox Every Week. But that’s what makes the sport so exciting right!!! contact info: uwc adventures – 1-800-520-5258. waterfowl species commonly harvested on this hunt: mottled duck blue-winged teal ringed-neck duck black bellied whistling duck fulvous whistling duck secondary species available: lesser scaup Furthermore, habitat changes, both natural and artificial, impact the hunt. It’s not uncommon to kayak eyeball to eyeball with a gator while coastal hunters become accustomed to dolphins swimming around decoys. Tournament season is underway leaving duck hunters and fishermen jockeying for available lodging. Hunts are conducted on world famous Lake Okeechobee and other local ranch ponds. , $5 Florida waterfowl permit, no-cost migratory bird permit and a Federal duck stamp to hunt waterfowl. The FWC is at the beginning stages of rule development and is seeking input on the proposals. As a duck hunting location, multiple water-control impoundments serves as habitat for migrating waterfowl, from puddle ducks to divers. The big lakes, in particular, attract a variety of diving and puddle ducks due to hydrilla found there. In addition to “The Florida Big 3” as we call it, expect to harvest fully plumaged, gorgeous late season Ring-necked ducks, Blue-winged teal and more, to top off your 6 bird daily limit. Goodwin Waterfowl Management Area (WMA) is comprised of 6,270 acres split between two management areas – the T.M. Through USFWS, large undeveloped portions of this area became a refuge which is now managed by the Department of the Interior. The lodge we stayed at was fantastic. Blue Winged Teal; Mottled Duck; Ring-Neck; Ruddy Duck (Blue Bill) Hunting Methods. No matter where you choose to duck hunt in Florida, expect a wild experience. If you are hunting on a wildlife management area (WMA), you will also need a $26 management area permit. A trophy that any duck hunter would prize: Tony Cyprus with a one-of-a-kind South Louisiana black duck. $175 each hunter… Expect a long paddle and a mixed bag of ducks at the STA’s. Book 'Duck Hunting' directly from the outfitter now. Blue-winged teal and ringers comprise the majority of hunters’ bags with mottled ducks and black-bellied whistling ducks helping out when the migration is slacking. Learn more about these proposed rule changes by reviewing this presentation.. It differs from the other subspecies, the Gulf Coast mottled duck (A. f. maculosa) (etymology: maculosa, Latin for "the mottled one"), by being somewhat lighter in color and less heavily marked; while both subspecies are intermediate between female mallards and American black ducks, the Florida mottled d… These expanses are replete with habitat that favor migrating waterfowl, namely shallow water, plenty of food, and room to escape hunting pressure. 3 DAYS – 3 MORNING & 3 AFTERNOON HUNTS FOR 2-4 HUNTERS, AIRBOATS AND / OR DUCK BOATS TO ACCESS HUNTING LOCATIONS, TRAVEL TO AND FROM LAKE OKEECHOBEE, FLORIDA (90 MINUTES FROM FORT MEYERS AIRPORT), FLORIDA HUNTING LICENSE, FLORIDAN DUCK STAMP, MIGRATORY BIRD PERMIT (HIP) FEDERAL DUCK STAMP- ALL UNDER $100.00. If you can’t find a place to duck hunt in Florida, you’re simply not trying. If you are looking for a great waterfowl hunting adventure to Florida give Destination 6 of the UWC Adventures Program a try!!! Mottleds and Woodies. The Western Gulf Coast population is much larger and fluctuates with the coastal marshes. Never forget that during some winters up to 25 percent of the Atlantic Flyway THE GREAT 8 >>DESTINATION 1:LAKE ST. CLAIR DIVERS, DESTINATION 8:ALASKAN KINGSBONUS DESTINATION #1COLD BAY COLLECTORS, BONUS DESTINATION #2MINNESOTA WOOD DUCKSBONUS DESTINATION #3PACIFIC NORTHWEST TROPHY HUNTUWC OFFICIAL, PUDDLE DUCK DIVISIONMALLARDNORTHERN PINTAILAMERICAN WIGEONGADWALLNORTHERN SHOVELERGREEN-WINGED TEALBLUE-WINGED TEALCINNAMON TEALWOOD DUCKAMERICAN BLACK DUCKMOTTLED DUCKBLACK BELLIED WHISTLING DUCKFULVOUS WHISTLING DUCKDIVER DUCK & MERGANSER DIVISIONCANVASBACKREDHEADGREATER SCAUPLESSER SCAUPCOMMON GOLDENEYEBARROW'S GOLDENEYERUDDY DUCKBUFFLEHEADRING-NECKED DUCKHOODED MERGANSERCOMMON MERGANSERRED-BREASTED MERGANSERSEA DUCK DIVISIONKING EIDERCOMMON EIDEROLD SQUAWHARLEQUIN DUCK COMMON (BLACK) SCOTERSURF SCOTERWHITE-WINGED SCOTERGEESE, SWANS & CRANE DIVISIONTUNDRA SWANSANDHILL CRANECANADA GOOSECACKLING CANADA GOOSESNOW GOOSEBLUE GOOSEROSS'S GOOSEWHITE-FRONTED GOOSEBRANT GOOSEBONUS WATERFOWL DIVISIONEMPEROR GOOSEEurasian WigeonTufted DuckMexican DuckEurasian TealWhite-CheeCked PintailMasked DuckBlue-Phased Ross's GooseBarnacle GoosePink-Footed GooseAny Hybrid Species Of Waterfowl. The coasts provide an almost-endless opportunity to set up for a hunt. Too warm to the north and many ducks don’t bother making the journey. Even if you’re unsuccessful pulling permits for T.M. Entry and selection of parking spots are determined by the draw order for each hunt. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (MINWR) is as well-known of a Florida duck hunting venue as you’ll find. With the recent summers of heavy rainfall, the saltwater has been largely flushed out, and the hunting has improved; however, MINWR permits – with applicants chosen through an annual lottery – are limited and highly-coveted, and new rules governing motorboat accessibility and passage have been implemented effective the 2016 season. At this time there are four STA hunting properties – STA 1-W in Palm Beach County; STA-2 north of the Palm Beach / Broward County line on HWY 27; STA-3/4 at the intersection of the L-5 levee and US 27 at the Palm Beach / Broward County line; and STA-5 in eastern Hendry County. In response to stakeholder input and concerns, the FWC is proposing draft rule changes to provide clear, objective criteria for establishing restricted hunting areas (RHAs). If you were to book this hunt, I feel that you would think the same thing. Boat Hunting (most common) Wading; Hunting Weapons. This is the only place in the world where all three species are available. And, as with Kissimmee, the bass action is on fire during the winter months. Including Cypress Lake, Lake Hatchineha, Lake Kissimmee, and the Kissimmee River among other lakes, their tributaries and marshes, this region serves as major hub for Florida’s waterfowl. On a place like Okeechobee, there aren’t too many secrets these days. TRIP LENGTH: 3 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS ALL INCLUSIVETRIP COST: $2,000 USD PER HUNTER (50% NON-REFUNDABLE DOWN PAYMENT IS REQUIRED TO LOCK IN YOUR HUNT. The mottled duck is a southern species residing along the southern Atlantic Coast and the entire Gulf Coast. NOTE: PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP AS THIS HUNT BOOKS UP 6 – 8 MONTHS IN ADVANCE! The outfitter is a top notch guide on the water for fishing as well an experienced duck guide. Weed control, seawater encroachment, development, water management policy, among other factors, can run ducks to the next pond over. Shallow waters and hydrilla congregate the birds in these areas. He is a professional at what he does. The outfitter is a top notch guide on the water for fishing as well an experienced duck guide. Numerous species of puddle ducks are found around the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Watershed. ALL CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL INCUR A 2.55% PROCESSING FEE) TRIP DATES: DECEMBER 10 - JANUARY 29GROUP SIZE: 2 - 4 HUNTERS BIRD LIMITSDAILY: 6 DUCKS, FISHING PER FLORIDA LIMITSPOSSESSION: 18 DUCKSTRIP INCLUDES: CONTACT INFO: UWC ADVENTURES – 1-800-520-5258, WATERFOWL SPECIES COMMONLY HARVESTED ON THIS HUNT:MOTTLED DUCKBLUE-WINGED TEALRINGED-NECK DUCKBLACK BELLIED WHISTLING DUCK FULVOUS WHISTLING DUCKSECONDARY SPECIES AVAILABLE:LESSER SCAUPGREEN-WINGED TEAL, TESTIMONIALS:I'm so glad I joined UWC. Look no further than the Stormwater Treatment Areas (STA’s). The options are incredible. According to the U.S. If you are looking for a great waterfowl hunting adventure to Florida give Destination 6 of the UWC Adventures Program a try! When most waterfowl hunters think about the top destinations in North American the great state of Florida doesn’t usually come to mind. florida hunting license, floridan duck stamp, migratory bird permit (hip) federal duck stamp- all under $100.00; guns and ammo; guide tips for a job well done . Shotgun – All ammunition must be steel shot (this can be purchased on the morning of the hunt as we carry a full line of Kent and Winchester shells) Hunting Times. All Rights Reserved, Entering your valid email address signifies you wish to receive our newsletter and have read the, http://myfwc.com/hunting/by-species/waterfowl/, Florida Sportsman Launches Action Spotter Podcast.

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