You can change parts and get exactly what you want for a fraction of the cost of the American version, and way, way less than a Custom Shop Strat. I hesitantly bought the MIM over the MIA because I really wanted the American Standard. The ones that came close was a MIM Roadworn and a Classic series MIM . Guitar Gopher (author) on December 12, 2015: @ Jesse: Very true! Just feels and sounds nicer. The serial number will also start with an M. Hope this helps. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Check out their website for details. An American Deluxe and a MIM. Maybe the "mojo" is the only difference? Question: Do you think that what guitar players should focus on more is practicing rather than having made in America gear? All that said, I think the quality on the MIM is a bit higher across the board. Total Hendrix!!! It comes down to the components used to build the guitar. If not, return it. I really recommed these guitars. Guitar Gopher (author) on December 15, 2016: Buy one of each then you don't have to worry about any differnces. The Write Life from The United States on December 12, 2015: Great article..Myself and my guitar teacher would do a "blindfold" test of and American And Mexican Strat..and we really could not tell them apart. I went with the MIM and modded it with FAT 50's and a Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge and still came in way under the cost of a MIA and still had a guitar that is just as good, if not even better than any MIA Strat! The simplest way to improve the performance of your MIM Strat is to get a professional setup. But I can tell a difference with my eyes closed. It is the second one I saw like this and passed on the last one. What a truly remarkable in depth hub, fascinating and you covered so much detail. And, of course, they sound fantastic. Other players simply may not have progressed enough in their playing to justify spending more money on a guitar. Not only does it look great but the action and sound is superb, clean and crisp, may switch out the Pubs later on but totally happy with it. I found that term "mojo" in the article as the whole point of the article. Guitar Gopher (author) on March 18, 2019: @Rich - My MIM Strat is a 2006 as well. It is a fantastic instrument. I think you experienced what a lot of players find out: That there are occasional duds in the MIA series as well as anywhere else. I didn`t pay any more than $300. or Best Offer. Ultimately, I'd say treat it like any other new guitar. Only have one Taylor MIM. Jumbo frets is the biggest difference, feelwise, both both guitars are a joy to play and both really rock the blues. It had a Squier Series decal on the ball of the headstock. I disagree on many points. Price was not an issue. Play it through your rig. You may never need to think about an American Fender, or any other guitar for that matter. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. . Fender American Professional Stratocaster. This guitars have Proffesional musicians or hobi. They feel like they must buy an American Strat, because nobody will take them seriously if they play a MIM. One thing to remember.......Fender always keeps ya guessing so you need to take in consideration the year of your guitar. And now I am truly sick of the term "mojo" and don't think I'll ever use it again! Only you can decide which guitar is better for you. My bandmates say they love the sound of the tele. I do feel the same though: I tend to play my MIM more than I play my MIA. I do believe, whatever mojo is, that they mojo of the player is far more important than the mojo of the guitar! lol. It wasn't until days later (a third party page), that Mexico was mentioned. Mine is the blonde Olimpic White with maple neck/fretboard. I did eventually upgrade it to Custom Shop pickups and the 2008 tremolo upgrade. American Fenders use higher-quality woods, electronics, and hardware. Some would say they are objectively better in certain ways, and I can’t disagree with that either. The tone of the 60s pups is fanastic, too. - MIM Strat will hold its value same as MIA Strat, percentagewise. My MIM is the Artist Series Robert Cray model. For many players, nothing short of the best Fender has to offer will do. it is sunburst color I love it, Have been playing les paul custom & standard since the 80s. They're about the same when it comes to tuning stability. But the American Professional Stratocaster is the real deal. Or is this what voodoo was talking about? I tried the MIM and loved the sound and feel instantly. Ignore the decals on the headstock if you're a serious player. Most have alder bodies. If cost isn't an issue, and you don't mind modding down the road, the MIM Strat gives you a great chassis for experimenting with different pickups until you get the sound you want. Probably one of those rare guitars where it all comes together. Iag5ree7s mixo statsa aer abagain on April 04, 2019: I despise the idea of a Mexican madefender, It should be called Mexiphone or domestic andhave different headstock\. However, this year I bought an Elite Thinline Tele and was really disappointed about the quality: -A screw hole of the pickguard was messed up and the screw was aslope, -The metal plate of the bridge pickup had a discoloration. It’s a great instrument, and comes in at less than half the price of a USA Strat. Not every player needs or wants the hassle of worrying about and caring for an expensive guitar. Guitar Gopher (author) on March 17, 2015: Hi Frank. If anyone makes fun of your Squier, they’ll shut up when they hear you play. Congrats on grabbing a great guitar. Having considered all the pros and cons I came back home with a new white MIM Strat. The problem is I can't just go and try them both, so I have to rely on what I know about them and what others say. All my other guitars also made in USA ( Gibson electric, acoustics) and Martins. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Sound and tone more come from feel of how you play..not quality of wood. It doesn't tighten up. I just play for fun these days, and my main guitar is an MIM Strat. Hi Marki1: If I were to choose between the MIM Strat and the Squier CV '50s, based on everything you said plus taking cost into consideration, I really think I'd go with the Squier CV. I own an American Elite, buy American stuff if you can. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Guitar Gopher (author) on October 24, 2014: Sounds like a great guitar, Rafael. Don't let anyone tell you the MIM's are not real guitars. Nothing I did could make these guitars play in tune from more than one song. MIM Strats are encased in that bulletproof polyester, so a lot of that isn't possible. I played a bunch of mia strats and did a lot of research. It's an awesome guitar with excellent build quality. As mentioned above. Some MIA Fenders are a wreck. I appreciate your kind words. It is so cheap it does not even have a skunk stripe. Prices can change so check with Fender’s website for the most up-to-date info on their gear. However, I would also say there are many valid reasons people love American Fenders. Well I can't believe how good it plays , it might be the best playing guitar of the bunch. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. This page was last updated: 29-Nov 02:05. MIM Fenders are very good instruments and among the best intermediate electric guitars out there. HSS means a humbucker in the bridge position and two-single coils. :) You nailed it. I have had both american and Mexacan starts and I like the Mexican maple neck and fret board better because of the price and playability. FENDER STRATOCASTER Ottawa 21/10/2020 Early 90's MIM left hand black Strat body (trem cavity has 6 screws/right row centre is offset high, Fender does this on purpose), with Eden neck. So the term "mojo" is probably just in our minds and not the wood. Always good to check out a guitar before you buy! The American Professional Stratocaster is available in either the SSS or HSS pickup configuration with the choice of a one-piece maple neck or maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Their finish level was great, but they had zero mojo. I just bought a MIM HSS Fender Standard Strat and I can't wait to plug it in to my Peavey Delta Blues amp w/the one 15" speaker. What the seller tells me I have learned not to put to much faith in. Mexican-made Stratocasters and other Player Series Fender guitars are very good, and certainly, have what it takes to do the job for most players. Hopefully by the time we are done, you’ll have a clearer idea of which guitar is better for you, your budget, and your needs. Check out Sidewinder - Fish n Pig - Macon after june 15th on youtube to see the strat in action.

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