The wider the bandage, the more compression you get without blocking actual blood flow. These bandages are most commonly used to construct slings for soft tissue injuries, broken bones or dislocations. Both conforming and crepe bandages are never applied directly onto open wounds. These wraps can be torn easily to the length the rescuer needs and they are capable of wrapping tight enough to be an adequate tourniquet. These bandages are typically used to provide light to medium support soft tissue injuries, compression for joints and strained muscles, and to apply pressure to bleeding or poisonous bite sites. Designed by Brood en Botter. ELASTIC BANDAGE WRAP VALUE PACK 4 SIZES - In this vendas elasticas elastic crepe bandage wrap wraps compression roll pack you will receive 4 different sized bandages. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, Company registration number : 622741 VAT number : GB 229 6641 42. Browse and Check All Products In Elastoplast. If you’re not familiar with first aid supplies, you may be wondering: what is a crepe bandage, and how is it different from a cohesive bandage? Medium Weight The heavy weight crepe bandage is suitable for use as support for sprains and strains in joints and muscles. They are ideal for securing wound dressing, supporting strains, and providing compression to alleviate swelling. The fabric is made of a plain weave in which two folded, crepe twisted cotton threads form the warp, and a mix of cotton and wool threads or cotton and rayon threads form the … The bandage is usually lightweight with some elasticity. We have an unrivaled level of knowledge and experience so you can rely on us! Top Choking Hazards For Babies and Toddlers, Can be used with a dressing to apply pressure to control bleeding wounds, A thicker weight can be used to compress and support a sprain or strain, Can be used to compress and support a sprain or strain, Can be used to compress a limb in the event of a poisonous snake bite. The pad is applied directly onto an open wound and then the bandage is rolled to keep it in place. It will conform to any limb or joint and does not restrict movement. Depending which way you look at it, a plaster can either be an adhesive dressing or an adhesive bandage with an attached dressing. Crepe bandages aid in the compression stage. Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap - 2 Pack + 4 Extra Clips - XL Durable Compression Bandage (1X - 3 inch, 1X - 4 inch Roll) Stretches up to 45ft in Length 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,097 $9.95 $ 9 . Continue browsing if you're happy with this, or find out, Sign up for exclusive offers, new launches and newsletter, Sign up to receive exclusive offers, the latest industry news and all our new product launches. They come in two weights for varying requirements of compression. Copyright © 2018. Crepe bandageThis is a thicker weight than conforming bandage. Crepe bandages are ideal to support the healing of sprains and strains, as they provide good compression to injured areas, as per the PRICE method, but as they’re elastic they don’t prevent joints or muscles from flexing. Cotton also allows the skin to breathe, and these bandages are washable and reusable. There is no need to apply a separate dressing first. Copyright © 2020 Safety First Aid Group, First Floor, Unit 3, Technology Park, Colindeep Lane, London, NW9 6BX. Bandages are generally used to cover wounds, to apply pressure to bleeding wounds and to support and immobilise sprains, strains and broken bones. The different roller bandages are described below: 1. Crepe bandages are ideal to support the healing of sprains and strains, as they provide good compression to injured areas, as per the PRICE method, but as they’re elastic they don’t prevent joints or muscles from flexing. Typically, for an adult arm or leg, you want to use a 3- or 4-inch bandage. Conforming bandageThis bandage has a high degree of stretch so that it can conform to any shape. Adult fingers and kids' arms and legs can get away with the narrower 2-inch width bandage. This bandage comes in a light, medium and heavy weight. Tying the crepe bandage around the injured part will avoid further swelling and restrict movement of that part. They can be medium to heavy weight. Required fields are marked *. Crepe … The amount of screen time you should be allowing your little ones is a subject…, South Africa has joined the new oil boom and you can now readily find doTERRA…, We recently went to a very popular restaurant for lunch and to my astonishment there…, Your email address will not be published. Can be applied over a conforming or crepe bandage for additional pressure to control bleeding wounds. As you will see most of them have interchangeable uses so its really a matter of preference and of course, cost. It is a bandage with a variety of uses including holding dressings and ice packs in place. Here we will look at what kinds of bandage are available and which situations they are ideal for. Cotton crepe short stretch BP bandage Elastocrepe is a woven short stretch crepe bandage made from 100% high twist cotton and rayon yarns to give a reliable cotton crepe BP performance. Crepe bandages are used for compression and support, and to treat sprains, strains and other injuries. Velfour and crepe bandage were done once weekly for three weeks. The material used to make a crepe bandage is usually cotton, cotton mixed with wool, or cotton mixed with rayon. It can be applied to areas of the body where it may be more difficult to apply a roller bandage such as the scalp. A bandage can then be applied over a dressing to keep it in place if the dressing is not adhesive. Always read the label. These bandages are not normally found in first aid kits. Cohesive bandageThis is a thin lightweight breathable bandage that sticks to itself, without actually being sticky. Elastic adhesive bandageThis roller bandage has a very sticky adhesive, which can be taped directly onto the skin. 3. Quality Compression Bandage Online . Can be applied onto a joint to compress and support a sprain or strain. There are three major types of bandages – roller bandages, triangular bandages and tubular bandages. What about conforming bandages? You can buy dressing bandage in UK from the trusted brands Smith and Nephew, Various, 3M health care, Urgo, Molnlycke Healthcare. It’s important to recognise the bandages you have in your first aid kit and to know which bandage you should use when and how to properly apply them. treated with conventional wound dressing. It also works as a moderate compression bandage for knee swelling, ankle swelling, and other relevant injuries. A dressing is something that is applied directly onto a wound to cover it. This, of course, means that blood flow, which is necessary for nourishment, is reduced. 95 ($2.49/Count) A dressing must be in place first. Often, a … They have the added benefit of behaving like tape without sticking to the skin. Results: DVT was cause of chronic venous ulcer in 70% patient in group A and in 73.3% in Group B. Crepe Bandages. We are the experts in first aid, the UK’s largest first aid manufacturer, an OfQual approved first aid training provider and a distributor of leading first aid and safety brands. The thicker weight bandages are used for compression, support and to reduce swelling for joint sprains and strains; Can be used to protect the skin under a cast for a broken bone; Can technically be used to keep a dressing in place and apply pressure to bleeding wounds but care needs to be taken when applying it so that the dressing does not shift when the tube is pulled over the injured area. This is the most versatile bandage.

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