I enjoyed the corn and bean salsa but could do without the zesty ranch dressing. Limited to stock on hand. Have you ever had chipotle seitan? Shop with Costco to browse our selection of great offers on high-quality serveware, from salad sets to centerpiece bowls! Not me. Item #1338404. I reviewed the, Costco Sweet Earth Foods Tostada Salad Kit Additions, Costco Sweet Earth Foods Tostada Salad Packaged Chipotle Seitan, Costco Sweet Earth Foods Tostada Salad Chipotle Seitan After Microwaving, Small Amount Of Lettuce After Removing The Additions, Costco Sweet Earth Foods Tostada Salad Nutrition, Overall I will not purchase this salad kit again. Photos may not be a perfect representation of the product. I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. The nutrition information is for one cup of prepared salad (assuming that’s everything in the bag). I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers. I enjoyed the taste of the bean and corn salsa and the romaine and cabbage but honestly I could do without the zesty ranch and chipotle seitan. This salad kit is definitely more about the toppings than the actual salad. Just so you know, this blog is NOT affiliated with Costco. I definitely feel this was overpriced. The cheese and tortilla strips were good, but those are always good! Prices & sales dates may change at any time without notice. I just love Costco and want to share the deals I find, with you. 11/5/20 – 11/30/20. Stick Teas. When I consider the cost and taste I much prefer the Baja Chopped Salad Kit by Taylor Farms from Costco which is usually $3.29-$3.49 Canadian. 2/20/20. ProForm Tour De France Indoor Cycle Now at Costco! This is just a posting of a deal from Costco and is not an endorsement or recommendation of any product or of Costco. This product was spotted at the Covington, Washington Costco but may not be available at all Costco locations. It’s slightly smoky tasting and I like smoky tasting things but the consistency and overall taste of this completely threw me off, even after microwaving it, it remained hard and chewy. What's your favorite salad kit from Costco. Disclaimer: Thanks for visiting my blog! However there is not much “salad” to this salad kit and I like a lot of vegetables and volume in my salad. Other than that all you have to do is dump all the other ingredients in your salad bowl. NOVEMBER 2020. That’s quite a bit of protein for one cup of salad. (1) Salad Fork Overall I will not purchase this salad kit again. Costco 2020 Holiday Savings Coupon Book is Out! Check with your local Costco before you go. Although this salad kit has a lot of additions, the chipotle seitan, corn and bean salsa, ranch dressing, tortilla strips and cheese, I found it to be quite expensive for what you actually get. The chipotle seitan, in my opinion, has the consistency of hard, wet dog food and a displeasing taste. (1) Salad Spoon. Please do your own research before making any purchase. The only thing that makes it not convenient is the chipotle seitan comes in a formed, hard block so you have to cut open the sealed package it comes in, microwave it and break it up to serve it. Also I realize it’s not the healthiest option available when looking for a healthy, convenient dinner. The high amount of protein actually really surprises me, the protein is coming from the chipotle seitan. I would have rather bought this a side salad to serve between multiple people but even then I would have left out the chipotle seitan and ranch dressing. It also contains gluten in the chipotle seitan so if you’re gluten free, skip that. However it’s a bit higher in calories than other salad kits. Please refer … When I look at the nutrition information, this salad kit with all the add ins is actually not that healthy for you. This is not a product review. I think I would rather use this salad as a side salad split between 4 or 5 people. The seitan is supposed to replace meat/taste similar to meat and that is what increases the amount of protein in this salad kit. It’s te, An inspired collaboration between the Purple, Spotted these GIANT reusable water jugs at Co, ‍ Learning to bake or need to replace yo, Hey Ferrero Rocher fans, Costco has their Kir. I like how convenient they are and how I can easily whip them into a healthy week night dinner. I honestly could not think of another way to describe it. List of Unadvertised Sales at Costco! Enter your email to receive great offers from Costco Business Delivery. Price and participation may vary so it may not be available at your local Costco or it may not be on sale at your local Costco or it may be a different price at your local Costco. I am not affiliated with Costco or any of its suppliers. Nutrition: 5/10 (highest protein salad I have seen), Convenience: 8.5/10 (the chipotle seitan is not easy to mix in at all), Cost: 6/10 (not the most expensive salad kit I have seen but overpriced in my opinion), Do you live in Western Canada and shop at Costco? Take that how you will but if you’re looking at buying this to eat yourself for a quick dinner thinking it is better than other quick and convenient options you may be deceived. I paid $5.49 for this kit and compared to the large Super 7 Sweet Kale Salad Kit for $6.49, it seems very small. Yaro salad bowl is made of acacia wood, a dense, durable hardwood that glows with warmth and enthralls with finely patterned grain of varying shades.

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