In other words, we can say the class label of a test record cant be assumed with certainty even though its attribute set is the same as some of the training examples. Classification: It is a Data analysis task, i.e. CLASSIFICATION is a classic data mining technique based on machine learning. Random forest is a supervised learning algorithm which is used for both classification as well as regression. In this second article of the series, we'll discuss two common data mining methods -- classification and clustering -- which can be used to do more powerful analysis on your data. Covers topics like Web Content Mining, Web usage Mining, Web Structure Mining etc. Basically, classification is used to classify each item in a set of data into one of a predefined set of classes or groups. Data mining is a collective term for dozens of techniques to glean information from data and turn it into meaningful trends and rules to improve your understanding of the data. Data Mining: Data mining in general terms means mining or digging deep into data which is in different forms to gain patterns, and to gain knowledge on that pattern. In the process of data mining, large data sets are first sorted, then patterns are identified and relationships are established to perform data analysis and solve problems. The reason of their popularity is that they do not require extensive time for training, rather they classify on the go. Text Classification - Tutorial to learn Text Classification in simple, easy and step by step way with examples and notes. Classification of data mining frameworks according to data mining techniques used: This classification is as per the data analysis approach utilized, such as neural networks, machine learning, genetic algorithms, visualization, statistics, data warehouse-oriented or database-oriented, etc. Data mining applications can be used to identify and track chronic illness states and incentive care unit patients, decrease the number of hospital admissions, and supports healthcare management. Data Mining and Data Warehousing – Classification-Lazy Learners Motivation Lazy Learners are the most intuitive type of learners and are used in many practical scenarios. Data mining used to analyze massive data sets and statistics to search for patterns that may demonstrate an assault by bio-terrorists. As we know that a forest is made up of trees and more trees means more robust forest. But however, it is mainly used for classification problems. The following links point to a set of tutorials on many aspects of statistical data mining, including the foundations of probability, the foundations of statistical data analysis, and most of the classic machine learning and data mining algorithms. In numerous applications, the connection between the attribute set and the class variable is non- deterministic. Data Mining Bayesian Classifiers.

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