Be deliberate about how you form the team and the type of work – be it highly exploratory or otherwise – they focus on. The Strategy & Planning team of Louis Wong and Piyush Arora will help CDEMT craft the end-state vision and roadmap for transformation and integrate and align the current strategic plan with transformation. He was curious about my thoughts on the best organizational structure to support the business transformation plan we had recently put together. I had a particularly memorable lunch with the CIO of one of our previous clients, where the discussion largely involved the idea of how to create the perfect IT team structure. And here’s a big thing, the lack of the momentum to implement. Once a transformation program has been absorbed into the company operations, the governance steering committee will cater to the governance issues arising out of the business-as-usual activities. This is what we call “business transformation planning”. Business Transformation Planning is an important and essential process for effective design and management of business transformations in a changing world. Summary. High-performance teams start small with a cross-functional representation of business, technology, and design. So you have to keep the team involved to go through and execute the transformation. It may be typical to have a 15-month or 18-month engagement. This is the nucleus to build a team around. The following are moving over from Diane Leith’s Canadian Division Technology Business Services team. Sometimes there’s wrong timing of the implementation. If you accept that the ‘core’ business is not really interested in identifying and pursuing new opportunities for transformation change, and would always put it at the bottom of their priorities – which means rarely / never resourcing it, then the only way forward is to create a ring-fenced ‘Transformation Team’ to … Teams work together to accomplish a common goal. They make things, accomplish tasks, provide services, offer advice and seek to meet other goals. Teams are a part of business. Act your way to a new culture The Business Transformation Framework is an approach for structured … Because typically, a business transformation can last for months. It will also further support business-as-usual (BAU) teams once the transformation program has transitioned to operations.

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