The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Never heard of TOGAF? [9] The article is entitled “Don’t Sacrifice Your Business Architecture” and is written by Amitabh Apte on LinkedIn Pulse on January 31, 2016. So, that begs the question: What is a Business Capability? It seemed they were having issues with project delivery: cost, quality, scope, schedule, and so on. The Object Management Group (“OMG”) and the Business Architecture Guild® are currently working hard to establish a formal metamodel to enable BIZBOK® based tool automation. [5] The article is entitled “Make Your CIO More Relevant Using Business Architecture” and written by Daniel Lambert on IRIS Business Architect’s Community Website on March 10, 2016. To succeed, an organization and its CIO(s) need to focus more resources in building and communicating Business Architecture change maps that will involve not just enterprise architects, but also business executives, business architects and obviously, the CIO(s). Why? The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Never heard of TOGAF? Save countless hours lost managing diagrams and make it easy to collaborate. This hidden gem is an enterprise architecture framework that represents a set of tools, methods, and vocabulary that satisfies a full approach in planning, designing, implementing, and governing enterprise architecture. [10] The article is entitled “Business Architects vs Enterprise Architects: The Battle Must End” and written by John Maynen on LinkedIn Pulse on September 22, 2016. infra, integration). Application Architecture is usually very well documented. 3110 N Central Ave Suite 160 Phoenix, AZ 85012. The problem with too many EA practices was that an organization is not an ordinary system like an appliance or a building, and can’t be architected or engineered as such. [16] Read more in this press release entitled “Collaborative Industry Consortium Announces New Definition of Business Architecture” published on May 20, 2017. You don’t have to implement everything by the book, and should plan on adjusting them to fit your specific needs. Whether you are a BA, PM, or other project delivery professional, I highly advise looking into this one. We are OPEN! For me, this was ideal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Business Architecture Guild and many business architects thinks that, on the contrary, the Director of Business Architecture and his business architects should ideally be involved with the business strategy and transformation efforts and report to the COO, as shown in Diagram 2 above, to insure top level business sponsorship and that the business stakeholders’ participation in the Business Architecture modeling of their organization takes place with more enthusiasm. Each main business unit should include one Business Architect, that aligns its business unit strategies to the organization and in synchronization with the appropriate elements within EA’s Data Architecture, Application Architecture, and Technology Architecture. There is not a prescribed delivery methodology as a part of the BABOK; however the primary focus is to document these techniques as they pertain to the core BA knowledge areas: Business Planning and Monitoring, Elicitation, Requirements Management and Communication, Enterprise Analysis, Solution Assessment and Validation, and Underlying Competencies. Reference: SABSA vs. TOGAF. While there is general agreement that Business Architecture should help frame business requirements for IT, this represents a limited view of the role of Business Architecture within an organization according to BIZBOK®. More CIOs have been routinely bypassed by business executives when making technology investments. It is the most prominent and reliable Enterprise Architecture standard, ensuring consistent standards, methods, and communication among Enterprise Architecture professionals. Goal –align The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) to the business architecture framework as documented in the BIZBOK® Guide The Win\Win – •TOGAF® gains more robust business architecture practice with supporting documentation, training, and certification My advice is both. Rarely do EA initiatives start with Business Architecture as it should. Archimate, TOGAF, Zachman, BPMN … The meta-model was used as a source to describe the constructs of the BIZBOK for Enterprise Architect. I found something called the Project Management Body of Knowledge, known as the PMBOK. In such scenarios, an organisation runs the risk of doing EA without Business Architecture. Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) Today, COBIT is internationally recognized as the “go to” solution for IT governance, with aspects in security, quality and compliance.

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