Warning: this post contains major spoilers for the June 19 episode of Game of Thrones, “Battle of the Bastards”. At first seizing Arya by the throat, he is destroyed when she plunges her Valyrian steel dagger — the one meant to kill Bran in season 1 — into the exact spot where the Children of the Forest slid their dragonglass to create him. Probably because he’d died so many times, Beric was cheerfully fatalistic, but not careless. Iron from ice: Theon was the vessel for Game of Thrones’ undercurrent of redemption (Sandor “The Hound” Clegane, still living, a distant second place). With Edd’s death, the Night’s Watch is officially no more. A reanimated giant, Wun Wun, busts through a wall and begins wreaking havoc, knocking Lyanna aside. So here, in order of importance, are the casualties from the Battle of Winterfell. What is dead may, in fact, die: The Night King was originally one of the First Men, and he was created by the Children of the Forest in one of the all-time worst decisions a people have ever made in the name of self-preservation, enchanted or otherwise. Tonight made lucky demise No. Elements of the episode are based on the sixth novel in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter, which author George R. R. Martin hoped to complete before the sixth season aired. This is your last chance to turn away. It may have been hard for you to confirm who was still standing, who went down, who sounded like they were dying but didn’t, and what exactly happened to those who did. Melisandre lights the Dothraki’s swords, and then sets the defensive trench around Winterfell ablaze. Bettors who had Grey Worm in their death pool took a really bad beat, as he was the odds-on favorite to die, and was even at the front lines for the army of the dead’s onslaught. Wun Wun. Considering that Winterfell’s occupied by Ramsay Bolton, who makes Joffrey look like a sweet little boy, the expectation was that there would be a big, bloody battle. note: This post contains major spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3, “The Long Night.”]. It premiered on June 19, 2016. Cause and manner of death: Early on, Melisandre tells Davos not to execute her; she’ll be “dead before the dawn.” And she’s right. coexist, if they can at all. When an episode is literally called “Battle of the Bastards”, you know things are about to get real. Jorah had been spying on her for Lord Varys, but became enthralled with Dany’s power and cult of personality. He sets in motion a series of shameful overreaches and crimes against his adoptive family, which lands him in the torture chambers of the repulsive Ramsay Snow. The cat with seven lives: If you’re bad with names, this is the dude with the eye patch and the flaming sword — he leads the Brotherhood Without Banners, the guerrilla fighters who pick up the Hound in season 6. Significance: Edd was a supporting character, but a sentimental favorite for many. Read at your own risk! 7 for Beric. Of those who did, some would be considered major characters, others considered fan favorites, but no one was really both. He ends up in Winterfell, where he belongs, instead of in his birth home on the Iron Islands. Without Thoros to bail him out again, though, he probably knew his time was coming at Winterfell. And they were. Actor now looking for work: Vladimir Furdik. The Night King survived just about everything else directed at him, including a full-on roasting from Drogon. His obvious and unrequited love for Dany has given him many disappointments, the latest of which was being passed over for Tyrion Lannister as Hand of the Queen. If you really don’t want to know, go ahead and click away now. By season 8, she had emerged from a fun little novelty at war councils into a duly respected figure of political bearing. Cause and manner of death: Theon and his men volunteer to guard Bran, who is sitting as bait out in the Godswood. But with Jorah’s death following hers, House Mormont is officially extinct. WWE Money in the Bank 2016 results: Money in the Bank ladder match full video highlights, Game of Thrones season 6 finale death predictions, We should all be happy that Game of Thrones killed this character off, Game of Thrones: 5 most intense moments in "Battle of the Bastards".

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