Thin, reedy, very unforgiving. The Aston SPIRIT is a high-performance, switchable pattern, microphone utilizing a 1” gold evaporated capsule. Like the Origin, the Spirit is designed, built and tested here in the UK, and combines selected third-party capsules with very high-quality electronics. We use cookies on your device to help make this website better. I had high hopes for the spirit. It is versatile enough to use with most instruments in addition to main and backing vocals. Aston mics - Used by the stars, priced for everyone. Read more about The Aston Sound. Cardioid, omni, and figure-8 patterns, plus a 10/20dB pad and 80Hz highpass filter make this mic an all-around studio and stage workhorse. Guitarist Gerry Leonard talks David Bowie, Suzanne Vega and Aston mics, The Belfast buzz - Brand New Friend's Taylor Johnson. It’s a little taller, but the body is the same rugged tumbled-steel, with the same wave-form mesh head which gives the Aston mics their unique aesthetic. We have reconceived the shock system, and as with all our products worked from the ground up on an entirely new design idea. It is versatile enough to use with most instruments and excels on acoustic guitar and vocals. When it comes to packaging we believe simplicity is king. To perfect the look, each microphone is separately engraved with its legends, and our brand mantra… ‘The Art of Audio’, A superbly balanced mix of discrete and integrated electronic circuitry, Harmonised circuit stage arrangement for easy integration from phantom power input circuitry to the capsule voltage bias, Novel non-linear voltage/current source rectification to provide controlled amplification and smooth/ clear audio output. A switch on the mic body selects from Omni, Cardioid or figure-of-eight polar patterns. It also offers a degree of off-axis rejection, helping to eliminate unwanted artefacts from your recordings. We have put our hearts and minds into creating the most beautiful performance pieces possible with each Aston product. Aston Microphones - Best practice amongst UK’s businesses and organisations, Win an engraved Aston Spirit condenser microphone, Why the World’s Top Music Professionals are Turning to Spirits, The Spirit's Rise - a story of British microphone innovation, Jackson 5 Legend Tito Jackson on the Aston Spirit, 'Time For Some Singing' - Gary Barlow with the Aston Spirit, Gareth Dunlop live on air with Aston Mics, Aston Mics at work with Vintage King and adidas, Entering into the Aston Spirit with King Crimson’s Jakko Jakszyk, Star tenor Bechara Moufarrej with the Aston Spirit, Aston Artist Jamie "Pop" Morrison - Stereophonics, Jessie Ware performs on "The One Show" with Spirit and Starlight, On Location Recording: Romesh Dodangoda records Bars and Melody in a Budapest Hotel, Grammy nominees Nothing More use Aston Mics in studio, Adrian Hall in action with the Aston Starlight and Spirit. Inside Audio!Facebook: by Joakim Karud The Aston SwiftShield combines the Swift shock mount and the Shield pop filter to provide the perfect setup for your Spirit mic. The design also makes Aston microphones extremely easy to repair and maintain. This highly accurate microphone gives a stunningly natural and transparent recording, capturing all the detail in the high range but without adding the harshness of some condenser microphones. The Aston Spirit Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone is built like a boutique microphone, using hand-selected capsules, high-end transformers, and custom capacitors. Aston’s vocal condenser microphones have an exclusive mesh-knit pop filter built into the wave-form head. It is versatile enough to use with most instruments and excels on acoustic guitar and vocals. The Aston Spirit microphone is the new model of Aston Microphones. Win a special engraved Don Broco Aston Spirit! Ty Fy Studios' Tommy Bailey on DIsney, Aston mics and whiskey jugs... Life at the top of the voiceover industry with Aston artist Guy Harris, Both Sides of the Booth returns with all you need to know about recording strings, Carl Bown gets behind the desk with Heavy Music, Grammy award-winning producer Ryan Freeland and his Aston mics, From thrash to synthwave with British metal megastar Carl Bown, The Caligaris and their amazing floating creative HQ, Catherine Anne Davies - Aston Spirits and the Anchoress, Origins, Spirits and Good News with the multi-talented Jake Morelli, 300 million songs and counting - writer, producer and musician Peter Rafelson, Both Sides of the Booth - Episode 2 - Mic'ing Brass. The random weave allows sound to pass while drastically eliminating unwanted plosives at source. Right from the start of ‘project Aston’, we engaged with some of the top audio professionals in the industry to create a development panel to be our ears, while we focussed on perfecting every tiny detail in our mics, to finally produce what we believe to be the very best products in their class. A switch on the mic body selects from Omni, Cardioid or Figure-of-Eight polar patterns. Aston’s signature Wave-Form Mesh Head is a unique design that not only makes the Spirit stand out from other mics, but offers ultimate support of the mic capsule. At first glance, the Spirit looks almost the same as the Origin. The Aston Spirit is a high-performance switchable pattern microphone utilising a 1” gold evaporated capsule. Aston Spirit The Aston Spirit is a high-performance, switchable pattern, microphone utilising a one inch, dual diaphragm, gold evaporated capsule. So when a second Aston microphone turned up for review, we found ourselves wondering what more they could bring to the table. Its hand-selected capsule is teamed with This unique design not only looks great, but delivers an unprecedented degree of protection for the heart of your microphone, the capsule. The Aston Spirit has our signature wave-form spring head. The Aston SPIRIT is a high-performance, switchable pattern, microphone utilizing a 1" gold evaporated capsule. Dave Pemberton (Kasabian, The Prodigy, Orbital, Groove Armada), Troy Antunes (Anastacia, Justin Timberlake), John Cornfield (Robert Plant, Oasis, Muse), Chris Porter, Producer (David Bowie, Wham!, Thin Lizzy), Our mics are developed by a panel of top industry professionals… Producers, Engineers and Artists…, Unique design provides shock absorption to protect capsule, with elastic memory…, The Spirit uses the latest in stainless steel mesh-knit technology to dramatically reduce vocal plosives…, Proprietary end cap design and ultimate capsule-chassis isolation means the Spirit can be direct-to-stand mounted with virtually no handling noise…, Aston uses only market leading electronic components, coupled with cutting edge, original electronic design…, No unnecessary frills, just well-designed, re-usable and recyclable packaging…, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley, Gary Moore, Motorhead, Cheap Trick, Ronnie Dio, The Cult, Marillion, Krokus, Noisettes, Stereophonics, Bryan Adams, John Lord, Drewford Alabama and Ninjas & Wolves, Robert Plant, Oasis, Verve, Supergrass, The Stone Roses, Muse, Ben Howard and many more, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, Debbie Harry, Robbie Williams, Dido, Richard Ashcroft, Johnny Hallyday, The Europeans, Joan Armatrading, Robert Palmer, Paul Rodgers, Mike Scott, Killing Joke, Climie Fisher, Thompson Twins, The Waterboys, Guitar Interactive Magazine - Spirit Review, Aston Starlight & Spirit review, Audio Media International - Spirit Review, Both Sides of the Booth - Episode 3: Strings, Mic'ing Brass - Both Sides of the Booth - Episode 2, Andertons Music - Interview with Aston Owner, James Young, Super Versatile Microphones - Rabea Massaad, Connor Lawlor Performs "Back to You" - Gear4Music, Kathryn O'Shea performs stunning song 'Sunflower' with an Aston Spirit, Robbie Williams and Tyson Fury record Christmas hit on the Aston Spirit.

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