That became one of the best decisions I made because we clicked instantly. Last year, New Orleans emcee Alfred Banks hopped on a few tour dates with Tank and the Bangas. 01 Oct tank and the bangas albert. Read our full feature on ‘Friend Goals’ - link in bio , Beautiful photo by Robin Maaya - photos shot on the mamiya RZ-67 just hit different , New “Kindness” crewnecks + some older items have been restocked! He is such a good writer that he connects the emotional strands the music contains to concrete narratives and lyrics. Their new … I’m more joyous in the music. Order / Listen. “The music started to flow.”. The theme of hope and friendship that Friend Goals and Tank and The Bangas exude, simply from how fun it is, is something that all listeners should personally strive towards. We both take direction well, we both like to be productive while having a blast, and we have thus far been very good at compromising during the workflow without compromising the end result. Menu; Social Links. Never locked in one groove, the players evidently value all eras of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop. Tank And The Bangas - Quick (Live) - YouTube. Autoplay. We put stuff on this record that begs the question, "Are these guys serious?” Which I think is wonderful. 1824 of Universal Music Group kindly included The Luna Collective in an online press conference, to speak with the band to get a greater sense of not only the new EP, but of who each member is individually and who they are as a group. Tank [singer Tarriona Ball] ended up on our song "Mr. Apricot" because she was over at my studio while Alfred was recording to that song, and she heard it and wrote to it. JS Embed. This song is fire. In a time where people are feeling as disconnected from each other as ever, the four piece took the opportunity to bring the people they love and admire together on this project. Listening to “Fluff” transports listeners to Coachella Valley, grooving to Tank’s silky vocals, as they bob their heads to the deep bass, minimalist production, and groove of Duckwrth’s feature. Well now we know how Albert wears his #BangaGear... how you reppin' yours?! Photo Courtesy of Jam Cruise18. During this time we all need to be indulging in more self care than we normally would and it is my belief that Friend Goals is a product of Tank and The Bangas self care, and it isn’t just because they have a song titled as such. Report this GIF; Iframe Embed. Due to the pandemic, Friend Goals, was not created in a traditional sense, which definitely had an impact on the creative process. Tank and The Bangas were animated and effervescent. Allenback: It feels pretty classic — emcee/producer pairing and relationship. From left: Norman Spence, Tarriona "Tank" Ball, Albert Allenback and Joshua Johnson are the New Orleans band Tank and the Bangas. Allenback: We listen to a lot of the same music, but also are always putting each other on music the other one doesn't know. Tank and The Bangas. We are in the middle of a forced re-evaluation of how to live right now, when the fragility of all our livelihoods is being exposed. There was a problem saving your notification. When thinking of a typical press conference, the words dull, boring, and monotonous come to mind, as well as an image of a long table, crowded with men in black suits who appear to be apathetic. Responses have been edited for space and clarity. y’all already know the drill - use code “GRATEFUL” for 10% off our new merch + everything else in the store Tank and The Bangas 'Friend Goals' Interview & Review | The Luna Collective 2020 Allenback: We put in serious work but don't take ourselves seriously, which lets you make great art without hating it or yourself. On Off. We were in the studio and Tank came by and Albert asked me to kick the song for [her]. I make the beats and Alfred writes the lyrics. Tank and the Bangas. *Valid thru Sunday 11/29 midnight PST, Three F’s: Fantastic, friendly & featureful - This is how Tank and The Bangas would describe their newest EP, ‘Friend Goals’ Earning a Best New Artist Grammy nomination last year, Tank and The Bangas is a special group to say the least. Features also allow for artists to put their own special touch on a track, morphing it into something it wouldn’t have been otherwise. Apricot,” features Tank and the Bangas' singer Tarriona “Tank” Ball performing with Banks over a fast, bouncy, video game-esque instrumental track. I think the quality of the music being so high amplifies our humor and heartfelt messages by contrast. Albert Allenback: We had so much fun that first recording session, and the song we made was so good, that we decided to join forces officially to see what else could happen. I’m more of a reserved person, but he’s willing to go that extra step and that helps me a lot. We’re both into a lot of different types of music and you can also hear that in the project. From my perspective as a producer, the person whose voice is on the song ultimately kind of steers the ship because they have to dig what's going on musically in order to fully resonate. But, a song like “Headmistress” is a very serious record. The music started to flow. We wanted to get across all facets of our selves in this project. ⚡️Thanks to our friends at 1824 we got to hear more from the members about the project & experience their incredible energy for ourselves. Albert sent me the beat when I was working on something for a video company and the words hit me instantly. Albert: It was ridiculous. Oh except for every show being canceled. Banks: SaxKixAve is a completely different Alfred Banks. After some convincing from their manager and with a makeshift setup inside a classroom at Joseph S. Clark High School, Tank and the Bangas fil…. When Albert Allenback played The Saturn in Birmingham last year as part of neo-funk/soul group Tank and the Bangas, the Montgomery native didn't get much love from his home state. Banks: The lightheartedness that comes through is a byproduct of working with Albert and something that we wanted to focus on. Friend Goals. Banks: We are different in a few ways.

Tank and the Bangas is an American musical group based in New Orleans, Louisiana. My girlfriend was scrolling through her phone. So for us it was a challenging and exceptional process.” In the midst of worldly chaos, the band was able to capture their spirit, and turn it into what they would tell you is some of the best recorded music they’ve ever made. Bring your texts and messages to life with our collection of GIPHY Stickers. Alfred Banks: In 2019, I toured with Tank and the Bangas a lot. On Off. I’m also more dynamic. Banks: “Mr. facebook; twitter; instagram; youtube; spotify; contact; Home; Music; Shows; Videos; Shop; Contact; Login; X. ” And I was like, “Oh, that was cool. They’d often talk over each other, laughing as someone cracked a joke or recounted a funny memory. Allenback: Alfred makes some of my weird sounds cool by fully accepting them. Alfred Banks and Albert Allenback find joy in SaxKixAve, Big Easy Award nominations announced for music and classical arts, SaxKixAve sign a two-year phone contract in ‘Cheeks’ music video.

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