The height of the lights on each model can be adjusted. Read my complete review of the Aerogarden and comparison of the different models in the range. However, when comparing the 9 pod units, the pricing is fairly similar. Both the AeroGarden Harvest and the Click & Grow 3 have an easy-to-use design and interface. These 6 pod indoor smart gardens come in numerous colors and variants. It comes with everything you need to get started and is a great way to get kids interested in growing plants and learning about where food comes from (not just the supermarket shelves). The AeroGarden Bounty is bigger, wider, taller, and way heavier than the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3. One of the most important things that you have to consider is the cost of the product that you are planning to buy. The AeroGarden Harvest can hold up to six different plants at once, which is twice the amount. I’ve written a full review of my experience using the Click And Grow Smart Garden which covers all the details, as well as my experience of using them for over a year now. It enables you to grow a lot of fresh produce and would be such an impressive piece of kit in any indoor space. People are interested in knowing that which one would be the best because they know both are the leaders of their industry at the moment. Read our detailed review of the Click and Grow 3. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. However, in my opinion, the Click and Grow Indoor Smart Garden is a better choice for beginners. 0 Comments. Most of the AeroGarden units aren’t entirely silent. Just like AeroGarden, Click and Grow offers pre-planted seed pods along with their ‘experimental’ pods. It has a really sleek, modern design and comes in a range of colors to fit in with the look of your home. Your call. That means, in the long run, if you buy in bulk AeroGarden is cheaper. First, we’ll start with a comparison table and look at a few basic facts about each system. The seed pods have a wicking system at the bottom to draw water up to your plants. The Click & Grow also has a large water tank that it uses to automatically water your plants. I spend more time admiring the plants and checking on their growth than I do actually looking after the plants. Let’s summarize with the pros and cons of each, then we’ll get to my recommendations. All you have to do is look on with interest as your plants grow. It’s very similar to the Aerogarden Bounty, but there are a few key differences. I’ll outline the key features of each, the advantages and disadvantages and then compare them side by side. A 3-pod indoor smart garden, and the smallest AeroGarden designed for adults. If you’d like to consider some other indoor smart garden options, check out my article which discusses AeroGarden vs Click And Grow, which is another very … The AeroGarden Harvest has more customizable controls and while it is also easy to use, more options can make it a little more complicated for the beginner. Both companies have a wide selection of plants that can be grown in either system. Click and Grow relies on their special soil, as well as on their LED grow lamps. They direct you when to top up the reservoir with more nutrients and water, taking a lot of the guesswork out of growing your plants. It takes weeks for the plants to grow large enough to harvest and the quantities are fairly small. So this one is a tie. And that’s to nobody’s surprise – the tech inside these planters makes them a great option. Maybe it’s just me that thinks the Click and Grow products look awesome. The smaller Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is more expensive than the comparable AeroGarden Sprout LED. What Is the Best Soil pH for Growing Herbs? Nonetheless, they both offer similar functionality, so your choice will come down to price, size and aesthetics. The Smart Garden 3 can hold three plants at a time. The number of replacement seed pods is excellent, giving you great options for what to plant. These 2 models have a similar price point and style, so we thought they would make a good case study for our comparison of the two popular brands. With that being said, manufacturers change their prices all the time, running sales or promotions, so it’s always best to check directly on their websites. There are a large range of colors and finishes to the Aerogarden range, which makes it easier to find one that will suit the design of your house. It’s not annoying, but if you are used to silence, this might be something to think about. The great thing about all of these smart gardens, is that they automate nearly everything and make growing a range of plants in your kitchen fairly effortless. The Herbie is indoor smart garden for kids which can grow two plants at once. For those people who feel that the Smart Garden 3 is a bit small, there is also the Smart Garden 9. The Click and Grow seed pods are more expensive to buy, so this may be a factor in deciding which unit to go for. But for those of us who love growing plants and like to throw in a bit of technology to make life a bit easier, the Click and Grow is great. I think the Click and Grow smart gardens get the win here. The Click and Grow control panel is more simplistic with just a red light indicator when you need to add water or refill the nutrients. Personally, I use the Aerogarden Harvest Elite. The enjoyment I have had from mine has totally been worth it, but if i’d purchased it expecting to feed myself with it, I would have been left disappointed. I’ve written an article about hydroponics for beginners here. It lacks most of the more advanced features of the larger units, but still comes with all you need to grow healthy plants. There’s also the light source, which uses efficient LED grow lights, using only 6w of power while in use. This is another comparison point where the two manufacturers are evenly matched – at least for the smaller seed pod kits. Each will do the job and help you grow a kitchen garden year-round. This website uses affiliate links and may receive a commission if you purchase products. Whilst some of the smaller models will provide a lot of interest and entertainment value, they won’t really produce an awful lot of useful produce. I’ve tried this with reasonably good success. The machine tells you when to add more water and nutrients. The models which lack these functions will grow your plants every bit as well, and the models with WiFi and smart functionality are significantly more expensive. Not only does it come with a light and watering system, but instead of using regular soil, it uses plant pods containing smart soil, which has been specially developed to provide optimal conditions for your plants. Undoubtedly, this isn’t the cheapest way to grow herbs and salad greens in your house. Overall, I have found the Click and Grow Smart Gardens to be very effective and easy to use. There are also three variants which allow the grow lights to be raised to 12, 24 or 36 inches respectively. For the selection of plants – I’d say it’s a pretty even match. We’ll start things off with the smaller of the range, the Smart Garden 3. What I like about the Click and Grow plant pods is they had both dwarf basil and dwarf peas available. The AeroGarden’s hydroponic system uses sponges that are filled with Sphagnum Peat Moss, while the Click & Grow uses a special soil called Smart Soil.

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