Backup Pad 5" Grip 28H, 1/Pkg Backup Pad 5… It features a foam body attached to a hard plastic backing plate. A clever idea--velcro on both the circular paper and on the sander (via this palm pad)--however dust still gets between the paper and the pad. Extra-Soft Hook and Loop ROS Pad … Backup Pad 5" 5/16" PSA No-Hole Medium, 1/Pkg Backup Pad 5" Grip 28H 130g, 1/Pkg Backup Pad 5" Grip 28H Soft, 1/Pkg A soft 125 mmm backing pad, especially suited for profile sanding and where a soft edge is needed. 8-Hole Soft Duro Hook and Loop Sander Backing Pad for ROS65VC Sander (5) $ 14 88. This decreases the adhesion and throws off the sand paper. Bosch 5 in. Round Hook and Loop Backing Pad is a replacement pad for the Makita BO5030/K, BO5031K and BO5041K orbital sanders. You *could* use 5 hole pads … Backing pad suitable for the Mirka® DEOS Delta sander. This one has hook and loop (Velcro) and is not adhesive backed. It also has a sturdy hook and loop style bottom for use with hook and loop sandpaper. Soft Hook & Loop Sander Backing Pad for Polishing and Sanding (Fits 1295D Series, 3107DVS and 3725DEVS) (102) $ 10 18. But the worse outcome is that it is easy to grind off the little adhesive spikes on the palm pad … This pad has eight vacuum holes and is 5 … The 5" size is correct but according to the description of Model 7345, it uses ADHESIVE backed pad and no dust holes. Bosch 5 in. Bosch 5 in. It also has holes for those sanders where you can attach a vacuum hose. The 5 in.

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