LED 34-watt, 915 lumen low beam, 37-watt, 915 lumen high beam with switchable 20-watt, 1,220 lumen LED fog lamps. Luggage Capacity -Volume 0.132 m3 Naturally, this is in addition to all the tour-tastic yummy-goodness that made the Ultra Limited such a touring staple in the first place. Dealer prices may vary. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'totalmotorcycle_com-leader-1','ezslot_18',181,'0','0']));STYLE. There’s no bigger factor in the quality of your ride than the confidence you have in your machine. California Emissions $200 4. A hybrid-cooled engine, the Mil-8 relies largely upon the air-cooling provided by the cooling fins, but it uses targeted water-cooling around the exhaust ports to draw the worst of the waste heat off one of the hottest spots in the plant. Gear Ratios (overall) 6th 2.875 Today, it’s a whole new ride. USB USB/MTP/iPod/iPhone Touring means maximum comfort in all conditions and the capacity to add whatever enhances and personalizes your ride. The responsiveness is dialed in. When we go to work on the infotainment system for a Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle we follow one simple principle. Engine Torque (rpm) 3,250 Weight, As Shipped 872 lb. Size 6.5 inch Today, it’s a whole new ride. Plus, the fairing houses the instrumentation and a whole host of electronic goodies to include the 6.5-inch color touchscreen control for the Infotainment system, the forward pair of 5.25-inch speakers, and optional input features such as Bluetooth and a USB port for your pocket jukebox. ENGINE A slight difference in saddle shape contributes to the 2.1-inch height offset between the base model and the Low version, but both bear the deep bucket and broad butt pad common on Harley’s touring models. Engine 1 Twin-Cooled™ Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 The new-in-2017 107-inch, Milwaukee-Eight engine from Harley-Davidson delivers nearly 114 pounds o’ grunt along with improved suspension components and other, comfort-related improvements over the MY2016 units. In spite of recent gains by long-time rival Indian Motorcycle, H-D remains the king of the American-style bagger/tourbikes. See our review of the Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster. Here are eight ways the new Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 engine gives you a better ride*: More Power- Bigger cylinders, four-valve cylinder heads and dual spark plugs deliver 10% more torque and more power throughout the rev range with no net weight gain. Wheelbase 64 in. The sound delivered front and rear comes from 5.25-inch speakers mounted securely in sealed and tuned enclosed speaker housings. Heat Management- Precision oil or water cooling for cooler running and consistent performance, from stop-and-go traffic to highway speeds. Color Option $ 32,699 Not all motorcycle models undergo fuel economy testing. Getting both feet flat on the ground gets easy on the Ultra Limited Low motorcycle. x .2 in. 5. It all makes for a machine that lets you pass faster, stop quicker, take curves tighter, and see and be seen better. Big discs, four-pot calipers and ABS are common themes across the board. The ride on the Ultra is so comfortable. A premium gloss black finish comes standard on the Ultra Limited motorcycle. PERFORMANCE What we have here is a classic American cruiser, ... 2017 Ultra Limited: Vivid Black $26,999, Color $27,599, Two-Tone $28,049, Custom Color $28,299: 2017 Ultra Limited Low: Weight, As Shipped 396 kg You can integrate P & A satellite radio right into the vehicle radio with no external mounting and control it through the hand controls. You’ll appreciate them more with each passing mile. Tires, Rear Specification BW 180/65B16 81H We made the iconic shape sleeker and gave it a more progressive look. Just the name Electra Glide Ultra Classic stirs the soul of anyone looking to tour the country on a full-dress tourer. ** Compared to 2016 models. Finned cylinders, of course. North America security system includes immobilizer; outside North America the security system includes immobilizer and siren. The Roadmaster comes with a power-adjustable windshield, and that’s nice for getting the height dialed in just right without having to pull out the checkbook. And that’s before we take it out on the road for thousands of miles of real world wind gusts and every form of rain a cloud can spit out. Total of Here’s the rule we laid down for every compartment cover and saddlebag lid on our touring line: if it doesn’t open with the single touch of a button or one hand, while wearing gloves, it doesn’t go on the motorcycle. Weight, In Running Order 413 kg Rider/Passenger Intercom Standard Lean Angle, Right (deg.) Values shown are nominal. That’s the part you feel when you look at it sitting right at the center of your V-Twin engine. Back in the day there was nothing wrong with the sound of Johnny crackling out of a dashboard Philco. Supported You can identify the all-new Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 engine from 25 feet away. Image Source: harley-davidson.com, indianmotorcycle.com, powersports.honda.com, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, 2017 - 2018 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited / Ultra Limited Low. Long story short, it’s less reach for your arms and fingers. Your mileage may vary depending on your personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length, vehicle condition and vehicle configuration and other conditions. Suspension is a trade off with Harley sporting the Dual Bending Valve Forks, but Indian mounting air-adjustable shocks in back. (2,598 mm) (Low: 101.8 (2,585 mm)), Laden: 27.5 in. More sound. Narrow Primary- The narrower primary drive gives your left foot a straighter, easier reach to the ground, for an easier lift off and more control at stoplights. Pictures. Fuel economy and mileage may vary among motorcycle models within a family. Wheels, Rear Type 8 Contrast Chrome Impeller Cast Aluminum Welcome to top-of-the-line touring comfort, dressed out to the nines from the Daymaker™ LED headlamp to the Tour-Pak® luggage carrier… Find the perfect longitude, latitude and attitude. The finishing touch – bullet turn signals. Smoother Running- The counter-balancing system, rubber mounts, lower idle speed and dual knock sensors for more precise timing control and smoother running from idle to top gear. Put your eye to the inner fairing of the Ultra Limited. Price. Supporting over Motorcyclists and Motorcycling for 21 great years. It’s a simple equation: Less height = less vacuum = less head buffeting. Steering head geometry lends the bike a rail-like tracking stability with 26 degrees of rake and 6.7 inches of trail on a 64-inch wheelbase, but obviously, the trade off will be cornering agility. It’s a work of art, born out of passion, creativity and long days, late nights and refusing to be satisfied until every detail was perfect. Handlebar Position and Reduced Diameter Grips. We took the Ultra touring experience and lowered it into one easy-handling, smooth riding, fully-loaded … Fuel System 3 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) Hands-free Mobile Phone – via Bluetooth Standard We reduced the width of the primary housing and derby cover to give your left leg a straighter shot to the pavement. ELECTRIC I am confused I am looking at buying a ultra glide is there much difference between the limited and classic ? You install controls that can be easily reached and operated with one hand. It’s there because on a bike like this one, you can’t help but go the extra mile. Moving from there toward the back, the two are like brothers from another mother with very similar seating and luggage capacity, though the Indians sport black quilted leather seats that come with contrasting white stitching; all except the Willow Green/Ivory Cream model that comes with tan leather/white stitching. Shorter Windscreen for Reduced Head Buffeting. TMW > 2017 Motorcycle Models > Harley-Davidson > 2017 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low Review, 2017 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low on www.Totalmotorcycle.com, We took the Ultra touring experience and lowered it into one easy-handling, smooth riding, fully-loaded machine…. You’ll come back with a smile. Displacement 107 cu in As cool as all of the other new-from-2017 features are, the star of this show remains the all-new Milwaukee-Eight 107. This is what the science of cheating the wind involves at Harley-Davidson now: fluid mechanics, algorithms, high-speed super computers and thousands upon thousands of wind-tunnel tests with riders in the saddle telling us how it feels. In the back you’ve got a 16-inch Impeller to match. And the front and rear brakes are electronically linked to provide exactly the right amount of brake to each tire no matter what the road condition is. Could You Live Day to Day with a Slingshot?

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